‘I See Movies’ Brief News Rally: 9/21 – 9/28

This week, to be honest, ‘NBA 2K16’ came out and….I know I just won’t have time to record the Prequel, Present, Sequel Podcast episode for this week. Pathetic I know but it’s the truth. Anyways, since their won’t be an episode this week, I decided to rally up the movie news I was going to discuss and instead just write brief responses to each topic. I know how much you all cherish my opinions so I couldn’t leave you hanging like I usually do. So I’ll format it like I do the podcast episodes but it’ll just be more brief and a lot quicker.

Present Segment/Opening:

Opinion: Any movie with the God Leonardo DiCaprio in it is automatically a must-see. The inclusion of the movie being a drug thriller makes it sound more interesting as well…especially after seeing ‘Sicario’.

Present Segment:

Opinion: Maybe Adam Sandler should just keep making animated movies because kids don’t really know or care about his track record so they’ll keep seeing what he throws out there. And I’m not a Sandler hater like almost everyone else out there. I’m just trying to get give some good advice.

Opinion: It’ll be good to see Morgan get back on the big screen (or just any screen) after his tragic accident…but last time he and Ice Cube made a movie together (‘First Sunday’) it was kind of wack. Hopefully this one will be better since Ice Cube is winning right now, Charlie Day will add some laughs and the Goddess Christina Hendricks will be bringing her beauty to the cast.

  • A ‘Sicario’ Sequel is Already Being Planned

Opinion: NO THANK YOU! If you’ve seen ‘Sicario’ you know that there is no need for a sequel. It wouldn’t even make sense to me. I mean logically it would but in terms of the feel and how things were left off, a sequel would just completely ruin the whole vibe the movie created and that would then tarnish a great movie. I usually roll with sequels because I know they’re going to happen and sometimes I want them but this time, NO!

Opinion: The cast for this movie was already dope because it was able to secure Emily Blunt and Rebecca Ferguson but if it can add Evans and Leto?! Maaan, this would become one of the must-see movies for whatever year it comes out.

Opinion: This interesting. We really only know Peele for his funny sketches and anything else comedy related. I would have never thought that he we would be directing a horror movie. But of course it’s with Blumhouse because it seems like they take chances on anything that is horror related as long as it’s cheap.

Opinion: I can picture all the other ‘Star Wars’ nerds rolling over in their graves at this rumor. If ‘Star Wars: The Force Awakens’ is a hit then people will be even more against anything from the prequel trilogy being involved moving forward. I won’t completely shun the idea. I would just need to see how it would be used. I’m sure Christensen would run towards this opportunity though because I have rarely seen him since ‘Jumper’.

Opinion: Stop it! Blade would not fit into what Marvel is doing with its cinematic universe but it would in their Netflix world. But even if a show revolved around Blade would get made, there is no way Snipes would return to the roll; I just don’t see it happening. Maybe he could come back in another capacity but not as Blade. He really just has to chill with stretching the truth to the public.

Opinion: If this a true rumor then I’m not surprised. My boy James Wan killed it with ‘Furious 7’ so yeah it would be hard to replace him.

Opinion: Sony really must want to do that ’21 Jump Street’/’Men in Black’ crossover movie in a way that would make sense that Smith wouldn’t be in it. But seriously, I’m not surprised that this is getting a sort-of reboot but I’m not too interested right now since Smith isn’t involved.

Opinion: This would of really shook things up. Maybe Damon would of took a big career hit afterwards and the ‘Bourne’ sequels might not have been as successful. Maybe Affleck would have never hit that long losing streak his was on…but then never hit the revival his been on the last few years. Maybe he would have never won that Oscar for ‘Argo’. Maybe he would have never decided to play Batman. All these what-ifs we’ll never know the answer to.

Opinion: It looks like what I expected: a movie with a great cast that could be great as well. But ultimately, I was really distracted by all that crazy looking hair.

Sequel/Prediction Segment

Opinion: I predict that even with all the lies Wesley Snipes keeps spewing out, he will not be coming back as Blade in the Marvel MCU unless it’s a TV show and he is a producer or a mentor character in the show.

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