‘I See Movies’ Brief News Rally: 9/21 – 9/28

This week, to be honest, 'NBA 2K16' came out and....I know I just won't have time to record the Prequel, Present, Sequel Podcast episode for this week. Pathetic I know but it's the truth. Anyways, since their won't be an episode this week, I decided to rally up the movie news I was going to discuss and... Continue Reading →

Which Will Be Better: ‘Ant-Man’ or ‘Batman v Superman’?

In the past week (or in the past week or two just to cover my grounds) two high profile movies have wrapped production.  One being another addition to the MCU (Marvel Cinematic Universe) in 'Ant-Man' and the other being what DC hopes will successfully kick in their own cinematic universe, and that is 'Batman v Superman:... Continue Reading →

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