‘Kingsman: The Secret Service’ Review

First Words

Before I watched ‘Kingsman: The Secret Service’, I kept reading how this is a adult or cooler version of James Bond. I would say those descriptions are true in a way. It’s definitely a more kookier and care free version.


Eggsy (Taron Egerton) was selected to be one of the potential new members of a secret spy organization, thanks to the ties his late father had with them. While training, a tech genius, Richmond Valentine (Samuel L. Jackson), kicks his deadly plan to change the world into high gear. Eggsy’s mentor, and Kingsman agent Harry Hart (Colin Firth) heads up the task of dealing with Valentine but Eggsy might have to step up sooner than later and be that agent that Hart has thought he can be.

Yeah, I Liked That

The action scenes in the movie reminded me so much of the ones in ‘Kick-Ass’ by the way they were shot so you can tell that Matthew Vaughn directed this one too. I’m becoming a fan of how he approaches his actions scenes because he uses different techniques to make them very visible, for the most part, while also trying to get some style points. The fights in ‘Kingsman’ use visible angles and throw in some nice uses of slow motion and zoom ins to make the scenes look even better. My favorite fight scene, and favorite scene of the whole movie period, is the church brawl. It was awesome not only for the directing, but for the choreography and the ridiculous methods of kills that were used.

The cool looking action scenes were’t the only big positive for the movie. The performances from Jackson and Firthkingsman1 also took the spotlight as well. Jackson was good, as usual, as the psychotic tech genius with a lisp. The lisp wasn’t needed but boy did it make his performance even more entertaining. I couldn’t stop laughing at every word he decided was going to feel the most wrath from that lisp. Before people get mad, I’m not saying people with lisps are funny but just seeing ,the always entertaining, Jackson use it was. Valentine also couldn’t look at blood without getting sick so seeing his reactions to violent moments (especially a surprise moment near the third act of the movie) made his character even more fun to watch. Now in Firth’s case, he pulled off the suave agent very well. He also didn’t look out of place in his fight scenes but that is probably thanks to his stunt double…but I’ll still let Firth take some credit for it. While Jackson and Firth dominated for the majority of the movie, they ended up passing Egerton the boton towards the end. No worries though because he showed that he has the skills to be the dominate figure. If there happens to be a sequel and it’s just him leading the way, I’m sure the movie wouldn’t miss a beat.

Yes this movie has some James Bond and ‘Kick-Ass’ in it but it also kind of reminded me of ’22 Jump Street’. You’re probably thinking I’m trippin’ but it does. ’22 Jump Street’ constantly broke the fourth wall in a way and would tell the viewer that it realizes what comedy sequels usually are and that it’s making a mock of that stereotype. ‘Kingsman’ constantly would make sly statements on how people would compare it to your James Bonds’ or your typical spy movie but would then say that it’s not your typical spy movie or not even just your typical movie. Hart and Valentine have a conversation acknowledging how this is an over-the-top spy movie while eating some McDonalds and the scene is handled so well and humorous as is the other mentions in the movie.

Yeah, I Didn’t Like That

I really enjoyed the movie but some elements of the story could of been touched up. One especially was the tests usedkingsman-107551 on Eggsy and the other recruits. They were entertaining, like the sky diving test, but they didn’t foreshadow skills Eggsy would have to use at the end of the movie. We basically get to see him look fairly skilled at shooting a gun, dodging gun fire and fighting at the end but we see none of that in his training. I know he has some Army, or Marine or whatever, training in his past and could have picked up those skills there but it would of still made more sense for their to be some type of acknowledgement that he learned some of that stuff with the Kingsman.

Now let me nitpick. I realize this movie takes place in London and has a real “London” vibe but it needed subtitles at some points. The slang and other terms that were used were fine but when some characters would get emotional and talk fast, I  couldn’t understand a word they were saying. So some subtitles here and there would help. Also the movie included some cool gadgets, like the umbrella gun or the glasses that showed things that couldn’t be seen by the regular eye. I would of just liked to see more of the gadgets be used, especially in action. They were used at key moments but for me it sure didn’t feel like it. But like I said, this could just be me nitpicking.

Last Words

‘Kingsman: The Secret Service’ is a breath of fresh air to the spy genre. It was a fun spirited movie that doesn’t want to be taken as seriously as its other spy movie counterparts (which is made clear by its signature goofy, cool, colorful moment at the end). I’m really taking a liking to Vaughn’s movie choices and look forward to what he’s going to take on next.

RATING: Must Own


P.S. Once again here is my rating scale. There are four different levels. Below is each level in order from best to worse and what each one means.

Must Own = A movie that is so good that I must add it to my Blu-ray collection when it comes out.

Would Accept as a Gift = I enjoyed the movie but don’t necessarily have to buy it (especially if I don’t have the funds to) myself but I would take it if someone bought it for me.

Might Rent = A movie that if I have the urge to watch again then I’ll just rent it from somewhere or Netflix it.

Never See Again = Very simple. I don’t want to ever see this movie again.


(Photo Credit: 20th Century Fox; http://www.shortlist.com/entertainment/films/samuel-l.-jackson-and-colin-firth-talk-kingsman; Jamie Lovett – http://comicbook.com/2014/09/23/kingsman-the-secret-service-second-trailer-released-online/)

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