My 2018 Complete Movie List: #50 – #41

Here are the movies that came in at #50 – #41 on my complete movie list for 2018. Expect to see a movie where LeBron puts on a voice acting performance of a lifetime, two Melissa McCarthy flicks and more.


50. Bird Box

  • When driving to the supermarket, how did the group make it there that smoothly? I don’t buy it
    • The GPS even led them right to the front door smh
  • Why did Lucy (Rosa Salazar) and Felix (Machine Gun Kelly) take the groups car and leave?
    • Lucy saw how hard it was to leave to go to the store and Felix was against that supermarket trip. So why did they randomly decide to be selfish and leave?
  • Why couldn’t the unseen “monster” attack them or grab them or something?
  • That’s messed up that Malorie (Sandra Bullock) gave the kids the names ‘Girl’ and ‘Boy’
    • I get that she assumed there was no point to give them real names and get attached to them because they likely weren’t going to survive but jeez, let them enjoy the joys of having a cool name at least
  • Thought this was going to be super similar to ‘A Quiet Place’ but thank goodness it wasn’t as similar as I predicted
    • The “monsters” in this basically mind controlled people but didn’t necessarily kill them
    • This is more of a zombie-like movie
    • There were more opportunities for violent moments in this one
  • The ending might seem happy but it just seems like another short term resolution
  • The fact that we don’t see the “monsters” is fine but it also elicits comparisons to the awful movie ‘The Happening’….but a good version of it
    • Especially because the characters were always shown looking off into space and then we see wind slowly moving trees and stuff like that
  • Some elements combine to make an interesting movie but along the way, I was still thinking things could be a lot better
  • To Sum it Up: It’s ensemble style offers more in your face entertainment but didn’t leave me as attached to the characters

49. The Mule

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48. Rampage

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47. Can You Ever Forgive Me?

  • Lee (McCarthy) went back to the same bookstore often to scam and the lady kept giving her cash for the letters. How was she able to do that off a freakin’ bookstore profit?
  • Who are these famous writers, Lee was impersonating, supposed to be writing letters to? Fans? Family members?
  • The fact that this nerd heist caught the FBIs attention and they were doing their due diligence the way they were is crazy
    • Seems like they would be setting their sights on more important matters
  • McCarthy’s award season love had to have come from Lee’s speech to the judge at the end
    • Those are the type of moments that catch peoples attentions for award worthy performances
  • McCarthy and Richard E. Grant matched wits as they tag teamed carrying the movie
  • To Sum it Up: What would seem like a dry, dreary, nerd crime thriller ended up being the opposite thanks to the performances and the filmmakers who the story together

46. Smallfoot

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45. Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom

  • I didn’t expect to see Jeff Goldblum’s cameo within the first 15 minutes
    • Cameo’s like this should be saved for a big moment or the end
  • The scenes during the volcano eruption on Isla Nublar are probably my favorite moments up until that point and that includes everything in ‘Jurassic World’
    • The wide shot of all the dinosaurs running from the smoke and lava was a beautiful shot
  • Sad to see the least ferocious dinosaur die during the volcano eruption evacuation
  • Mills (Rafe Spall) put a bunch of dinosaurs in a basement of a mansion smh…idiot
    • and wanted to sell dinosaurs to people…smh
    • AND wanted to create ANOTHER dinosaur
    • People really can’t be this dumb…Nevermind, yes they can
  • I’m getting tired of seeing dinosaurs eat people, bite off body parts and barely see any blood
    • I mean I get why it’s like that for this PG-13 “family” movie but I still don’t like it
  • Maisie (Isabella Sermon) is a true idiot for freeing those dinosaurs at the end
    • This whole movie is full of idiots
    • I didn’t want to see the dinosaurs die either (and I don’t like dinosaurs) but sometimes you got to do what you got to do
  • Umm the whole cloning of the daughter didn’t seem like a big deal. It’s weird to me though
  • The end, where you see the release of all dinosaurs, is very stupid and the reason is very dumb
    • This movie keeps toying with the fact that keeping the dinosaurs around is dangerous and then make a dumb decision about them
    • I still think it’s better than ‘Jurassic World’
      • Definitely isn’t better logically but I was more entertained, even beyond the sheer stupidity
  • To Sum it Up: The series improved to me but I’m getting annoyed at the idiocracy that is engulfed in the people in this movie

44. Halloween (2018)

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43. Life of the Party

  • The daughter, Maddie (Molly Gordon), looks like she’s around 30. Not 21ish like her character is supposed to be
    • OK, I looked it up and she is actually 23……hmmm…
  • The divorce mediation scene was pretty funny
  • Jimmy O. Yang doesn’t fit as a regular college dude
    • He seemed so out of place to me
  • Glad Deanna (McCarthy) wasn’t a happy-go-lucky person the whole time. She bounced in and out of that type of person
    • When the movie started and she was acting like that, I was thinking this movie is actually going to be as wack as I assumed
  • The conflict within the plot dealing with Deanna having money for tuition was poorly handled
    • We weren’t really told that her husband was covering it and then we were barely told that he wasn’t anymore
    • It’s like it only came back at the end to create some friction
  • The fear of public speaking scene, I thought was going to be a big deal because they teased it before but it really wasn’t in the end
    • It came back later as a redemption scene but even that wasn’t a big deal
  • The entire cast helped make this a funnier and more enjoyable experience than I expected
  • Everybody at the school was too welcoming to Deanna’s old self
    • I went to college and that doesn’t seem realistic….or at least not to the extreme those students were acting
  • To Sum it Up: Started off troubling but turned into a fun movie that struggled with its conflict

42. First Man

  • The movie opens with Neil Armstrong in a terrifying instance as he almost gets pulled deep into space
    • Yep, space is the scariest place ever
  • Armstrong dealt with a lot of death in his life
    • From his daughter to friends to colleagues
  • During Gemini 8 when Armstrong was stuck in space for the second time, that scene was tense and I felt the intensity but it went on a little too long
  • It took like an hour and a half for Armstrong’s sons names to be said….just pointing that out
  • Ryan Gosling’s Armstrong didn’t seem like the type of person who would say his infamous phrase when he stepped on the moon but he did and it felt weird
    • Based on how the character was shaping up, I was dreading that sentence and when it came, it felt out of place
  • The moments on the moon looked great and realistic
    • The other space shots mainly came from shots of views from windows in the space crafts
      • I get the first person visual angle but I want to see more full space shots that director Damien Chazelle would have came up with
  • The trip to the moon was less dramatic than the other trips in the movie so it felt long and less appealing but I get its stakes were supposed to be what made it interesting to watch
  • The cinematography was great
    • A great job was done making the movie really look like it was shot in the 60s but at the same time had that cinematic feel of today
  • I don’t know if I would say this is Gosling’s best performance but he was great either way as usual
  • Some moments dragged on more than I would’ve liked
  • I was expecting something better than what I watched
    • Not to say it wasn’t good or anything
    • I don’t know if I place the blame on Armstrong’s life not transitioning better to something I’d want to watch on the big screen or how Chazelle dealt with how to show the toughness of Armstrong’s amazing feat
  • I wanted to see more of Armstrong after he landed on the moon and returned to Earth, so I could catch his feelings
    • To me, it seemed like he was kind of thinking, “That’s it?”
  • To Sum it Up: Would put this movie in the back of Chazelle’s small but impressive filmography

41. Thoroughbreds

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