My 2018 Complete Movie List: #40 – #31

Here are the movies that came in at #40 – #31 on my complete movie list for 2018. Expect to see a movie with a pants-less bear, the first box office flop for a ‘Star Wars’ feature and more.


40. Hereditary

  • Not knowing much about the movie beforehand, I wasn’t too surprised that Charlie (Milly Shapiro) died but how happened
    • And then the reaction from her brother, Peter (Alex Wolff), was just sick
  • To say the Graham family is troubled is an understatement
  • Wolff’s cries in this sound so fake
  • Of course, yet another movie throws a dog in it basically to just kill it
    • Luckily this movie didn’t show the killing
  • The movie didn’t scare me but gave me an uneasy filling all the way up to the very end
    • Very few jump scares
    • The end went from goofy feeling to uneasy again
    • Still not 100% sure what it was trying to say but that’s typical for me with these type of indie horror flicks
  • Toni Collette was phenomenal as the looney, damaged mother
  • This felt like an overly detailed movie which made the runtime go over two hours unfortunately
  • To Sum it Up: An ambiguous ending and a too long runtime prevented this interesting horror movie from being great

39. Maze Runner: The Death Cure

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38. The Equalizer 2

  • McCall (Denzel Washington) looks crazy with that beard at the beginning
  • The fight scenes were well choreographed with bone breaking moves and stuff that makes your face crinkle up in discuss
    • Most of them were quick. Made you want more
  • This is how you know Denzel is a great actor. This movie is basically just watching McCall live his life and it was still pretty entertaining
  • The poor development of the main plot, dealing with who killed Susan (Melissa Leo), made way for the side plot, that dealt with Miles (Ashton Sanders), to be more compelling and entertaining
    • Sanders showed his skills as an actor here by portraying a different type of character than he did in ‘Moonlight’
      • I hope he doesn’t get pigeonholed into playing these type of “thuggish” characters from now on though
  • McCall telling Dave (Pedro Pascal) and company that he was going to kill them was a great (and funny) Denzel-esque scene
  • Called it from a mile away that Pascal would be the villain
  • So no cops were ever called on for all the people McCall murdered or severely injured huh?
  • Wasn’t a fan of McCall basically being unbeatable or him taking any sort of beating…
    • Or even getting hit. OK, he got hit during the last fight but even then, he didn’t take much damage
  • To Sum it Up: Enjoyed this one much more than its predecessor

37. A Simple Favor

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36. Mid90s

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35. Christopher Robin

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34. Ready Player One

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33. Blockers

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32. Solo: A Star Wars Story

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31. Widows

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(Photo Credit: Paul Whitington –; FOX; Lucasfilm)

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