My 2018 Complete Movie List: #60 – #51

Here are the movies that came in at #60 – #51 on my complete movie list for 2018. Expect to see a box office hit for DC, a bunch of basketball players leaving the court for the big screen and more.


60. Red Sparrow

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59. The Happytime Murders

  • Oh so puppets are treated like black people in this world huh
  • There was a vicious puppet murder by dogs
  • It doesn’t make sense how Phillips (Bill Barretta) was forced to work on a case as a “consultant” when he wasn’t a detective anymore
  • Funny but I was expecting laugh out laud constantly, stomach hurting with some tears falling funny
    • The puppet fluff jokes kept being funny
  • We got the ‘Spy’ version of Melissa McCarthy which is a good thing
    • She wasn’t ‘Spy’ level funny though but still funny
  • Cool to see how the puppets were moved around in the movie during the credits
  • Would have been better if the who done it storyline had more of a zoned in focus
    • The humor, even though it was funny, needed more focus
  • This movie was crude but if it went even more foul, I think this storyline would have led to it being funnier and not more repulsive
  • To Sum it Up: Interesting concept that succeeded in being entertaining to those who enjoy childish things but definitely didn’t live up to what it should have been

58. OverLord

  • Starts exciting with gun fire, explosions, a very hard to see plane explosion and a troop escape scene but then after that, things slowdown with a few scenes that amp up but just for a second
  • About an hour in is when we finally get a sense that things are about to take off
  • Entertaining start, slow middle and entertaining end
  • Was violent but I was expecting something even more violent and “scary’
  • Shoutout to Boyce (Jovan Adepo), a black man, for living throughout the whole thing
  • To Sum it Up: It was a cool movie but didn’t meet the expectations I levied on it

57. Mile 22

  • First movie I’ve seen Ronda Rousey in since she went from being the best in the UFC to the best in the WWE (or whatever wresting thing she is apart of, I don’t know. I don’t watch it)
  • I don’t like that John Malkovich’s characters name was Mother
  • If you like a mini shootout in a home to start your movie then this is for you
  • Iko Uwais’ first fight scene was dope and the brutal exaggerated sound effects made it better
    • It was good to see Uwais do what he does best because I haven’t seen him in a fight scene since ‘The Raid 2’
  • Li (Uwais) killed a man by dragging his under chin/neck area across the glass on a broken car window
    • I assume Uwais came up with his own choreography and I’m not wrong for assuming that because he comes up with some cool fighting choreography
  • Don’t know why I thought Rousey would last longer than she did in this…I was wrong
  • The editing is too frantic
  • Some of the fight scenes could have been shot better
  • I like the twist in the end
    • How it was conveyed from top to bottom is a different story but I’m a sucker for a cool twist
  • A big deal seemed to be made about James’ (Mark Wahlberg) rubber band calming mechanism but that seemed to be less important as the movie went on
  • Uwais definitely made this his movie
    • I kept forgetting Wahlberg was the lead
  • To Sum it Up: Enough fighting and shooting in a short runtime to make up for a so-so implemented story

56. Insidious: The Last Key

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55. Tag

  • The dramatics during the “tag” game was the hysterical part
    • Ex. Jerry (Jeremy Renner) jumping through a glass window to escape getting tagged
    • Ex. Jerry having a mock bedroom of Hoggy (Ed Helms) in his basement to trick his friends
  • The cast was funny but none really stood out…
    • …except for Renner when he was avoiding being tagged
    • Really wish they were funnier as a collective
  • The funniest portions were the physical humor
    • Wanted it to have some grade A childish humor but didn’t get it
  • The writer, Rebecca (Annabelle Wallis), that followed the group around added nothing to the movie besides let us know there was real story being written about them
  • I like Isla Fisher but her over the top, super competitive and aggressive character wasn’t as funny as she was trying to be
    • And her character was kind of pointless because Hoggy, her husband, didn’t seem to interact with her much
  • I was hoping the sentimental twist at the end would actually be an insensitive fake out so that Hoggy could finally tag Jerry but I didn’t get my way
  • To Sum it Up: The pure ridiculousness of the plot made it funny but it didn’t offer much beyond that

54. Aquaman

  • The first fight scene with Atlanna (Nicole Kidman) in the home was cool even if it was CGI heavy
  • When we first see Black Manta (Yahya Abdul-Mateen II) I swear he had a little mini fro. Then when the scene cuts to him in a different area, he has a haircut
    • I could be trippin’. I know my boy James Wan wouldn’t miss something like that
  • Aquaman (James Momoa) shows his brute fighting style and his impenetrable skin when he invades the submarine Black Manta and his pirates were in
    • Black Manta’s reasoning for wanting to kill Aquaman is reasonable but still stupid because it’s all his fault
    • Abdul-Mateen II also seemed to have some iffy acting skills
  • There’s a moment when we see Manta slow mo running through the water….
    • Wan please don’t show me something like that again
  • How did Arthur meet Vulko (Willem Dafoe)?
    • I could have been sleep during that part so forgive me if that’s the case
  • It felt like constant exciting or active moments were happening and that was the movies saving grace
  • You could tell Momoa was having fun with the role but the script should have let him play around a bit more and his dialogue have less structure
  • The post credit scene teased Manta coming back as the main villain for a sequel…
    • Yeah, I prefer not
  • The underwater visuals were
    • The floating hair could have looked better though
    • The next ‘Avatar’ better look better than this since it’s said to have a lot of underwater moments and James Cameron has been working on it for many years
  • I don’t blame Wan for me not loving this movie
    • He gets all the credit for the good while the brains over at Warner Bros., working on the DC side of the things, claims all the negative
  • The third act was busy but nothing great
    • Wasn’t even the best part of the movie
  • To Sum it Up: I don’t know if it’s because I was tired but this action-packed fun adventure felt tiring as well and was missing something

53. Uncle Drew

  • Movie starts out with Aaron Gordon ballin’ as if he lived up to his potential in the NBA
    • Based on the beginning, you would think this was his movie
  • Rick Ross’ cameo was very random
  • Seeing Kyrie Irving play basketball in this made me sad all over again that he isn’t playing with LeBron anymore
  • Things start to get funny when Dax (Lil Rel Howery) first comes across Uncle Drew (Irving)
    • They had enough comedic chemistry to bounce zingers off each other
    • The funny level of the jokes started to decline after the full crew was assembled
  • When the gang gets to the Rucker Park tournament, things started to look like the Uncle Drew commercials with famous people
    • Gordon was dominating hem
    • It looked crazy seeing Nate Robinson throw an alley opp to Kyrie
  • Funny that there was a timeout joke with Chris Webber
    • It’s good he’s finally able to joke about it
  • Kyrie, Howery and Webber were the funniest members of the gang
    • Kyrie deserves some love for his first movie being him playing an old man and he did it well
  • This movie is called ‘Uncle Drew’ but it should have been named ‘Uncle Drew and Dax’ because the story’s focus was mainly on Dax, even at the end
  • I like Nick Kroll but I didn’t find him funny in this
  • Nothing to praise or kill about this story because it’s just a simple road trip movie that turns into a basketball tournament movie
  • To Sum it Up: From commercials to movies, this was a cool basketball story for anybody starring one of my favorite basketball players. So yes, there might be some bias in there

52. I Feel Pretty

Read my review right here!

51. Bumblebee

  • The movie opens and looks like/sets up the story like a video game
  • Did Bumblebee’s memory loss make him act like a child?
  • How did Bumblebee’s memory come back after being shocked and “brought back to life”
  • The comedic stylings of John Cena kept trying to creep out but for the most part, he was your typical tough antagonist
  • The scenes with Charlie’s (Hailee Steinfeld) family kept trying to make them be those funny side characters but ultimately that failed for me
  • Some good ol’ Transformer hand-to-hand combat at the end to fill in for the usual CGI destruction fest that is in the other third acts of of the movies in the franchise
  • I get that this is a more grounded, lower budget ‘Transformers’ movie but one more action scene (one that actually elicits excitement) would have done the movie wonders
  • This felt like a remake of the first half of the first ‘Transformers’
  • To Sum it Up: Definitely a step up from ‘Transformers: The Last Knight’ but doesn’t bring any excitement back to the franchise


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