‘Maze Runner: The Death Cure’ Bullet Point Review

Using bullet points, I’m going to give you my thoughts on the movie that literally almost killed my boy Dylan O’Brien smh….‘Maze Runner: The Death Cure’!


  • I paid little attention to any of the news leading up to this movie so I didn’t know Will Poulter was making his return to the series
    • He looks a little like Aaron Gordon in here too
    • All the actors look like maybe the aged too much compared to the first film, actually, or was that the point?
  • How did Minho (Ki Hong Lee) have all that energy when he was rescued?
    • When you see the movie you’ll understand why he should have been dead tired
  • I thought ‘Maze Runner: The Scorch Trials’ set this up to be a search and rescue mission all while destroying WCKD BY Thomas (O’Brien) and friends
    • It turns out that in this movie, Thomas and friends were just focused on the rescue part while a new, barely touched on, group was focused on the destroying
    • Why was this newly introduced group of hostiles the ones to take the WCKD city anyway? Shouldn’t it have been the heroes we’ve been riding with for the three movies?
  • Our heroes were pulled from a lot of jams thanks to some serious convenience
    • I know this is a movie but it seemed like the convenience levels here were higher than I’m used to seeing
  • Did a good job bringing some B level entertainment throughout its long runtime
  • As the series moved on, the more the whole no memory situation the characters had been dealing with got mentioned less and less
  • O’Brien sustained a serious injury on set while shooting this movie and that caused the production to get stalled and pushed back. I say that to say, although I enjoyed this movie, it isn’t good enough to the point where you look back and say that injury was worth it
  • To Sum it Up: Not a bad way to end the, already in the casket, dystopian YA movie era


(Photo Credit: https://teaser-trailer.com/movie/the-maze-runner-3-the-death-cure/;  Andrew Barker – http://variety.com/2018/film/reviews/film-review-maze-runner-the-death-cure-1202666761/)

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