‘Den of Thieves’ Bullet Point Review

Using bullet points, I’m going to give you my thoughts on the heist movie that actually let my guy O’Shea Jackson Jr. speak with a English accent smh….‘Den of Thieves’!


  • Why did they tell us the characters names the same way they told us the location the scenes were in (I’m talking same font, color and style)?
    • I don’t know about y’all but my slightly slow self was confused
  • Donnie (Jackson Jr.) is a big ol’ snitch to start the movie
    • Then later you realize his methods made sense
  • The twist at the end was a nice needed addition. The movie could have just made Donnie turn on his team and take the money but they went and tried to be more interesting than that
    • Donnie’s English (or London) accent at the end was awful though. O’Shea…don’t ever try that again
  • The final heist lasted way too long for me and started off very slow. When the pace kicked up, I was so exhausted from boredom that the first half of the event gave me that it took me a second to catch up with the momentum of what was going on
  • My boy 50 Cent needed more lines because he had plenty of scenes throughout the whole movie but his lack of opportunities to speak made him very unnoticeable at times
  • Gerard Butler gave the best performance I’ve seen from him in awhile
  • Included some scenes that could have easily been stripped and put on the Blu-ray as deleted scenes for the bonus features or something
    • Example: When Enson (50 Cent) meets his daughter’s boyfriend
  • To Sum it Up: Had good intentions to be a good heist film but some odd story additions and not enough violence or thrills hurt the attempt. Cool movie though


(Photo Credit: https://www.redbox.com/movies/den-of-thieves; Matthew Schuchman – http://www.denofgeek.com/us/movies/den-of-thieves/270345/den-of-thieves-o-shea-jackson-jr-pablo-schreiber-talk-capturing-real-la)

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