My 2017 Complete Movie List: #50 – #41

Now, here are the movies that came in at #50 – #41 on my complete movie list for 2017. Expect to see some action movies that dropped early in the year, another installment in a surprise franchise about an acapella group and more.


50. Landline

  • More drama than comedy
    • Funny at times with very few laugh out loud moments
    • A better balance with comedy, though, would have gone a long way to improve the movie
  • The drug element of the story felt like it was implemented to be a big side issue then it was underused and done away with quickly
  • Abby Quinn was the standout of the cast, as the younger sister Ali
  • To Sum it Up: An enjoyable story based around two relationships involved in cheating scenarios

49. Lady Bird 

  • I know it’s like a “coming of age” tale somewhat but this movie really had no plot.
    • We’re just watching the life of “Lady Bird” (Saoirse Ronan) but aren’t given a reason for why that is her name
    • Solid acting from Ronan, though
  • I found it funny for a few moments here and there
  • I don’t see what the big hubbub is with this movie but hey, to each his own
  • To Sum it Up: Enjoyable story about the complicated growth of a “weird” girl but I just don’t why it is beloved the way it is

48. The Babysitter

  • How did someone get stabbed in the head with two knives and still keep talking?
  • King Bach brought a nice chunk laughs while he was on the screen
    • Hilarious quote from him in the movie was, “I know his hobby is getting bullied” hahahaha
  • Why did they have to kill two of the better people in the movie off so fast
  • Was the director inspired by what Edgar Wright did with ‘Scott Pilgram vs. the World’ because it seems like a very light version of it for the teen slasher genre
  • The bullies in this movie look like parody versions of bullies
    • Bullies in movies are getting less and less intimidating
  • Enjoyable, off-kilter movie but the acting was…uh…so so
  • To Sum it Up: A quick, entertaining viewing experience. But a weird movie like this still shouldn’t feel basic

47. Pitch Perfect 3

  • Why is Trinidad James in this?
    • What a weird surprise
  • The storyline about Fat Amy’s (Rebel Wilson) dad was trash. So forced and just a bad idea
    • I didn’t care where the dad was through out the first two movies and still don’t care now
  • I believe the plot was initially going to be the Bellas just going on there own type of reunion tour but then I’m sure someone nixed that idea. I’M 100% SURE!!!!
  • Was funny, especially Elizabeth Banks, her partner in movie John Michael Higgins and Wilson
  • Wasn’t annoyed with Anna Kendrick like I was in ‘Pitch Perfect 2’ but somehow that led to a worse movie
  • The musical numbers were weak this time around besides the riff off with all the groups
    • Not to mention a very “bland” end performance
  • DJ Khaled was in it too much for me
  • To Sum it Up: A surprisingly solid trilogy that should have ended after 2. With this movie in particular, it was still funny even though it was put together by a weak plot that really just wanted nothing but a reunion and goodbye movie

46. Crown Heights

  • I didn’t think you were allowed to have conjugal visits without being married but I don’t know nothing
  • I’m not going to lie, I wasn’t expecting a movie with nothing but accents a majority of the time. I would say what accent it is but I’m dumb and uncultured so I don’t know right now. But I truthfully that I would be somewhat annoyed but that surprise but I wasn’t
  • Another one those stories where the justice system is doing the black man wrong smh
  • The movie didn’t feel slow to me because I was interested in the long process it took to get Colin Warner (Lakeith Stanfield) out of jail
  • To Sum it Up: Good movie but the angering story makes it something I probably wouldn’t watch again

45. Underworld: Blood Wars

  • The picture needs to be brightened up
    • Too many scenes are too dark
    • Felt like I was watching it on a dying standard definition TV
  • Comical CGI at times
  • I liked that the villains were hard to kill but then got upset instantly when one move to do away with them was pulled off so easy
  • Seems like some of the flashbacks used were pointless
  • David (Theo James) seemed a little too unbeatable
  • Kate Beckinsale showed, once again for the franchise that should have been dead, that she is an appealing capable lead for action movies
    • Someone give her another one so she can stop with these
  • Enough cool action throughout to make it an enjoyable action movie
    • It didn’t care about much else though
  • To Sum it Up: It was better than I expected and I didn’t expect much

44. XXX: Return of Xander Cage

  • Xander Cage (Vin Diesel) starts out the movie skiing through the forest. Yes, that’s exactly how you should start out a movie!
  • Diesel is more joyous and in his comedian zone for this movie compared to some of his other action outings
  • Fun action; Especially the end battle where Darius Stone (Ice Cube) comes out of nowhere and saves the day
  • The script kept giving the cast some poor one liners
  • Basic plot that’s easy to follow
    • It has its flaws like some other dumb action movies tend to have because you know their main focus is action and entertainment
  • It’s missing that “it” factor to make it memorable and special
  • To Sum it Up: Entertaining movie and nothing more, nothing less

43. The Hitman’s Bodyguard

  • The movie lets you know early that the CGI is trash
  • Funny scene about how Kincaid (Samuel L. Jackson) met Sonia (Salma Hayek)
  • Kincaid would do some fake leg related things someone with a leg injury shouldn’t do but he would still limp throughout the movie
  • Dope fight scene with Ryan Reynolds in a restaurant kitchen and hardware store
  • Gary Oldman played the villain and was barely used so he was wasted
  • Jackson and Reynolds have great chemistry because they’re both entertaining personalities
    • Without them, the movie is no good
  • The movie and action got more entertaining as the movie moved forward
    • It might have correlated with me being more alert (and less sleepy) during the second half of the movie
  • To Sum it Up: With the leading duo, you get a bad first half and ok second half. With them you get an OK first and good second

42. CHIPs 

  • Unclear of the money stealing motives when it comes to why the other police joined in
  • Ponch (Michael Pena) was supposed to be the undercover cop but he gave up his identity and other people figured him out too easily
  • Wasn’t hilarious but I enjoyed the humor more often than not no matter how dumb it was…and it was dumb
  • Pena and Dax Shepard were funny on their own and had good comical interactions with each other
  • I can’t compare it to the show it’s based off from the past because I simply never watched it
  • This felt like an R rated movie from the early 2000s era of movies
  • To Sum it Up: Another one of those movies that isn’t memorable or without flaws but it’s still mindless entertainment

41. Resident Evil: The Final Chapter

  • Thank goodness they did some sort of recap at the beginning because I’ve watched every previous movie once and never remember what happened
    • Even without the recap though, after watching the movie I realized I wouldn’t have felt lost. All thanks go to a not to complicated plot
  • Killed off Ruby Rose’s Abigail quicker than I expected
  • Too many quick cuts during the action scenes that made the action in an action-packed movie less enjoyable than it should have been
  • Cool twist regarding “old” Alice (Milla Jovovich) even though all the signs were there for you to figure out what was going to happen
  • Details of the resolution at the end are a little foggy but whatever
    • Didn’t feel like the end of a movie series. Just felt like an end of a movie. I expected more of a final feel from this series that was six movies deep
  • To Sum it Up: Better than I expected. It had violence and a bunch of action and that’s all I really wanted here


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