My 2017 Complete Movie List: #60 – #51

Now, here are the movies that came in at #60 – #51 on my complete movie list for 2017. Expect to see a couple of scary movies, a movie that got DC rethinking their plans and more.


60. Annabelle: Creation

  • Would be interested in seeing an actual origin story of the Annabelle doll including the origin story they quickly touched on in the movie
  • Too slow at the beginning
  • Good once some excitement started but the end of the whole ordeal was lackluster
  • I did like how the end connected to its predecessor
  • To Sum it Up: At the end of the day, I don’t know if this one was better than ‘Annabelle’. Too close to call

59. The Belko Experiment 

  • The green screen, CGI (or whatever it was) of the main office building looked awful
  • Thought I was going to see some cool deaths using office supplies and such…I was wrong
  • Thought the end was going to have a twist that gave the movie meaning but there wasn’t one. They did hint that they could make a sequel….yeah, no thank you
  • Felt longer than 88 minutes because it took a while for some violence to start happening
  • To Sum it Up: All the negativity aside for a second. It was entertaining thanks to the violence and humor. I just expected a cooler experience and not something I felt like I’ve seen before

58. Patti Cake$

  • Some uncool, cringe worthy white rap dialogue was said
    • For example: “My name is Killa P cuz I murda the beat”
  • Why did they make Jheri (Siddharth Dhananjay) sound like Travis Scott on songs?
  • I’m glad the story added “the white rapper is a culture vulture” accusation
    • It’s a popular conversation in this era but when it was brought up here, it came and went just like that
  • The romance element between Patti (Danielle Macdonald) and Bob (Mamoudou Athie) was forced and something no one wanted to see (yes, I am speaking for everyone)
  • Patti has a flip phone in this. What year does this take place in?
  • Your to assume the reason why Bob or “Basterd” cut his hair and removed his crap but since it’s so vague and made for you to just know. A little acknowledgment from the other characters would be nice
  • The cast was OK but I can also see them not being in any other movies
    • Dhananjay was the standout, I guess
  • The music was kind of weak but I guess Patti had some bars
  • The movie had entertaining qualities because it’s about music and I like stories about music but it just scratched the surface on how to flesh out the story and the characters side stories
  • To Sum it Up: This movie wanted to be one of those typical underdog stories that shows their protagonists’ talent who doesn’t necessarily win in the end but that also wanted to be something else but didn’t know what that something was

57. American Made

  • Tom Cruise and a decent story carried the movie
    • But mainly Cruise though
  • This reminded me of a very very light version of ‘Wolf of Wall Street’
    • very very very very light version
  • It had an entertaining aspect to it but it needed to try harder at it. It took too much of a laid back approach to it
    • it needed more risk taking moments
  • To Sum it Up: Even with a great performance by Cruise, this good movie is still very forgettable

56. Snatched

  • There’s a funny tape worm scene but is that realistic? Just curious. If you seen the movie, please let a brotha know
  • I like that the movie was always on the move
    • Felt like the characters were always in a different place and that made things not feel stagnant
  • All the main stars were funny except for Goldie Hawn
  • Very anticlimactic ending even for a comedy adventure movie
  • Funny movie for the most part but no memorable parts or jokes
  • To Sum it Up: Based off of this and ‘Trainwreck’, I think I prefer Amy Schumer write her own movies

55. Atomic Blonde

  • This is the type of movie I wanted to have a simpler story and cared more about the action for a majority of the movie but that wasn’t the case and that was disappointing
  • The stairwell fight scene was insane
    • Highlight of the movie
    • I enjoyed it more because up until that point I was disappointed in the movie, especially when it came to the amount of action
    • The scene was long and carried over into an apartment. The entire fight looked like one long take and that made my appreciation for the scene grow
    • The sheer brutality of the scene was great. The fight became more realistic when you see that Lorraine (Charlize Theron) wasn’t an unstoppable fighter and took a big ol’ beating
  • David Leitch’s stylized directing and artsy feel was cool and paired well with the action
    • Fittingly had a good score paired with it
  • Wanted to be more surprised by the twist that Percival (James McAvoy) was the villain but I just wasn’t
  • The action scenes that were in the movie needed to be better spread out to make up for the films dry spells
  • To Sum it Up: My expectations of more action and less story hurt this movie for me

54. Justice League

Read my review right here!

53. The Shape of Water

  • The extraction of the “monster” was rather easy. Too easy
  • A cat gets its head eaten…smh. I’m sick of seeing cats get killed in movies
    • So this movie lost points with me because of it
    • Those in the scene weren’t even mad at the situation either smh
  • Eliza (Sally Hawkins) fell hard for the creature quickly. It even made her almost talk.
    • Sprung much?
  • How’d the creature comprehend Eliza’s sign language so quickly? Or did he? Or was he just intelligent from the jump?
    • Whatever way, I didn’t feel like that part was relayed to me well enough
  • As always, Michael Shannon plays the antagonist well
  • Hawkins was good as well conveying those deep emotions with no words but instead with expressions and movement
  • To Sum it Up: Cool little weird love story even though the relationship began and advanced very quickly

52. Sleight 

  • How did Bo (Jacob Latimore) put a magnet in his arm?
    • Movie has a cool sci-fi concept but in a more grounded movie like this, it’s hard for me to not want more of an explanation for that
  • Angelo (Dule Hill) was a good, intense and well-acted villain but his demise didn’t come with much of a challenge
  • The end showed some cool use of Bo’s “powers.”
    • Would have liked to see more of it but I expected that from a movie on this small scale
  • To Sum it Up: Good movie that waited too long to get stuff going but I didn’t hate the character building that made up the majority of the story

51. It Comes at Night

  • Not scary but I guess the wondering what the unknown was is enough tension
    • What was spreading the virus though? Where did it come from? Can I get something answered?
  • Great performances from Joel Edgerton as the protective father and Kelvin Harrison Jr. as his more terrified son
  • Slow movie but I like the whole family and morality element to it
  • Wanted more from the ending to make me enjoy the movie more
  • To Sum it Up: Good “horror” movie but it’s more for the smart, critic crowd than those of us who want some cheap jump scares every now and then


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(Photo Credit: Don Kaye –; TIFF; Alex Hyner)


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