My 2016 Complete Movie List: #50 – #41

This 2016 list wasn’t supposed to take this long but unfortunately, look where we find ourselves. Anywho, to switch things up, I’m going to write some of my recaps for each movie in bullet point form.

Now, here are the movies that came in at #50 – #41 on my complete movie list for 2016. Expect to see some solid comedies, a surprising shark movie and more.

50. The Birth of a Nation

  • The scene that showed the breaking of teeth to funnel food into a slave’s mouth was ruthless and was probably one of the harder scenes to watch in the movie for some (not me though because I’m disgustingly desensitized to pretty much everything)
  • Nate Parker gave a emotionally compelling performance
    • the scene where Nat Turner (Parker) talks to a hurt Cherry (Aja Naomi King) in the bed is a go-to moment in the movie that shows the quality of Parker’s performance
  • There’s a scene that shows all these black people hanging from trees and its a harsh site that paints a vivid picture of the time and the tone of the movie
  • I don’t care what time period this movie is set in, it was still crazy to see all those white people cheering for Turner to get hung at the end
  • I didn’t know the rebellion was so short so I was expecting more on the action side of things
    • also, I assume the real life event was as poorly planned as it was in the movie
  • Not a movie I would want to watch more than once
  • To sum it up: This is a good movie but I would have liked to see more brutal steps shown that caused Turner to snap. Then I would have wanted to see more of the rebellion because the build up ultimately didn’t completely pay off

49. The Shallows

  • Random thought: when Nancy (Blake Lively) got a ride to the beach, how was she going to get back to her hotel or whatever? She know no Uber was going to come out there
  • The underwater shots look much better than the above water ones
  • How Nancy killed the shark at the end was creative and violent
  • The act of the survival carried the movie but for this being a majority Lively movie, she did a good job
  • To sum it up: This was a cool person vs. shark thriller. Made for a more entertaining watch than I expected

48. Lights Out

  • I like that the movie gets right to it. The short run-time was a benefit and a detriment
    • It being short made for a rushed and weak story. The plot needed more fleshing out
  • I wasn’t scared of it but the demon, Diana, was still creepy
  • The attempt to scares did work on me but they were still entertaining
  • The ending was real rushed. The mom, Sophia (Maria Bello), dies and then we really don’t get to see how it affected the child in any way
  • To sum it up: A fun horror flick that needs to worry about the story as much as it does the scares

47. Central Intelligence

  • I know the action isn’t probably this movies calling card but with that said, it was meh
    • A motorcycle was used in a cool way as a weapon during one of those scenes though
  • Good and funny appearances from Jason Bateman and Aaron Paul
  •  I thought the reveal of the black badger was funny
  • I’m a Dwayne Johnson fan, that’s my guy, and he was effective as the lead funny man in the movie but at times he was over-the-top and kind of showed some iffy acting
  • Even though Kevin Hart wasn’t asked to be the main funny person, he was still able to bring his typical personality to the role
  • With two great leads, I expected a funnier movie. But an entertaining flick is still delivered thanks to good chemistry from two enjoyable actors
  • To sum it up: It’s sad but this is Melissa McCarthy’s best movie of 2016

46. Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them

  • The murder of the senator doesn’t play as big a role as I would have expected on the No-Maj side of things
  • Predictable twist with Credence (Ezra Miller) being the Obscurus
    • I mean look at him! He got “something’s up with this guy” written all over him
  • I like the dark vibes that were inserted into parts of the movie. Reminiscent of the way it was done in the ‘Harry Potter’ movies
  • Some of the beasts were funny; like the Niffler and Pickett the bowtruckle
  • The cast was alright but none of them stuck out
    • I was getting annoyed by Miller’s look and facial expressions though
  • David Yates did a great job with the aesthetics because the movie looks like it clearly is in the ‘Harry Potter’ world
  • To sum it up: Enjoyable film but something about it stopped it from getting to great. Maybe it was because I wasn’t that interested in the characters that were on the screen

45. Mother’s Day

I actually like the late Gary Marshall’s ‘Valentine’s Day’ but wasn’t too fond of ‘New Year’s Eve’. For his new holiday themed flick, I was expecting to care for it much because, besides some of the cast members, it didn’t look like it was going to have many redeeming qualities and I thought the quality of these themed movies would keep declining for me. But I can’t tell a lie. I actually thought this was a nice wholesome movie. It was a fun movie to go see with the mom and the rest of the family because it was funny and entertaining and didn’t try to be more than that. It just tried to entertain in the most wholesome way possible because that’s what you should do with a movie that is based on a day that recognizes how great mother’s (arguably the leaders of the family) are. Like I said earlier I always enjoy watching some members of the cast, like my ‘Friends’ alumni Jennifer Aniston or my girl Shay Mitchell from my show ‘Pretty Little Liars’, but the standout from the movie was Margo Martindale. She had all the funniest scenes, weather it was a funny Skype call that joked on old people using technology or when her character was making some racist jokes. The humor wasn’t anything super creative but still funny none-the-less. All-in-all, this movie was simply better than I expected it to be.

44. Bad Moms

  • Was better than I thought it was going to be and funnier than expected
    • it still tried too hard at times to be vulgar with some lazy dirty jokes
  • Even with my expectations passed and the cast putting on good performances all around, I still look at the trio that led (Mila Kunis, Kristen Bell and Kathryn Hahn) the movie as an odd and unappealing combination
  • I thought the soft motherly stuff at the end and during the credits was a nice touch
  • The movie was successful but I still feel it should have been released on a Mother’s Day, no matter how generic that sounds
  • To sum it up: A funny movie that is able to overcome the odd pairing of three solid actresses

43. Secret Life of Pets

  • Illumination Entertainment promoted the next movie they released, ‘Sing’, in this movie. I saw it. They aren’t slick
  • Started out good with how it touched on specific quirks animals have
    • things waffled from there until the end
  • A great ending that really makes you want a pet and hope that’s how they feel when you come home
  • This movie is very elaborate for a pet movie
  • Wanted more to be shown of Max’s (Louis C.K.) rescue team
  • Great voice work, for the most part, with great animation
    • I am a Hart fan but I don’t think he should do a lot of voice work. His voice doesn’t fit in that field
  • To sum it up: Funny, family friendly movie that seesawed in terms of quality

42. The Edge of Seventeen

  • Hailee Steinfeld was good, funny and carried the movie well but for some reason I didn’t find her as funny as she intended to be
  • Steinfeld and Woody Harrelson had a good, funny back-and-forth chemistry on screen
  • Hayden Szeto played Erwin with a great level of awkwardness but his older than high school looking self created an annoying distraction
  • The movie was heavier in the emotional department than I expected
  • To sum it up: Funny and enjoyable movie as a whole but I liked the story more than the humor which I thought would have been the opposite

41. Keanu

I love cats and I think the duo of Keegan-Michael Key and Jordan Peele are funny (not all the time though). So you put that together and you get a entertaining outing. I did expect it to be funnier and more memorable but that might be me just asking for too much. But this will probably be the last time we see the two of them do a movie together for awhile since they both have found their own success apart.


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