My 2018 Complete Movie List: #100 – #91

Here are the movies that came in at #100 - #91 on my complete movie list for 2018. Expect to see a movie about shark, a movie about a nun and more.   100. The Hurricane Heist I hate Toby Kebbell’s southern accent in this There’s a scene where two people are sucked through a broken mail... Continue Reading →

Leo B. Gyllenhaal Podcast – The Possession of Randomness (Episode 115)

Here is the 115th of the Leo B. Gyllenhaal Podcast! On this episode, Sir Leo Archibald and Great Musical a.k.a. Pusha K a.k.a Joaquin Pennyworth are back to play another fun game of 'Celebrity Knockout', discuss the MCU adding another minority movie, who wanted to make a horror Batman movie and more. So let your ears take... Continue Reading →

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