‘Searching’ Video Movie Review

Brianna & Leo Archibald, from the Share the Door podcast give their SPOILER filled review of 'Searching'!     https://youtu.be/4NJfqkxaIqM   Full Episode Link: Share the Door Podcast – Share What Door? (Episode 1)   (Photo Credit: Ben Wasserman - https://movies.mxdwn.com/reviews/movie-review-searching/)

‘Unfriended’ Review

First Words This movie reminded me of a recent episode of 'Modern Family' called 'Connection Lost' (from season six). That episode was shot entirely through what was being seen on Claire's (Julie Bowen) laptop screen. It showed her surfing the web, using FaceTime, iMessage and whatnot. In 'Unfriended', we only get to see what's going... Continue Reading →

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