Leo B. Gyllenhaal Podcast – The Blot Thickens (Episode 98)

Here is the 98th episode of the Leo B. Gyllenhaal Podcast! This episode Sir Leo Archibald and Great Musical a.k.a. Pusha K a.k.a Joaquin Pennyworth are back to discuss some of the recent trailers that dropped, the...uhhh...eclectic rumored front runners to play Willy Wonka, ANOTHER possible Joker movie in development and more. So let your ears take a... Continue Reading →

My 2016 Complete Movie List: #30 – #21

This 2016 list wasn't supposed to take anywhere this long but unfortunately, look where we find ourselves. Its inching closer to the end of 2017 now so I shouldn't finish it but I'm almost done so why not. Anywho, to switch things up, I'm going to write some of my recaps for each movie in bullet... Continue Reading →

‘The Gambler’ Review

First Words A movie about someone owing all this money to all these different people starring Mark Wahlberg and is written by William Monahan, the guy who wrote 'The Departed', sounds interesting to me; Not the greatest movie ever but just the potential to be pretty good. However, those expectations seemed to be too lofty  for 'The... Continue Reading →

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