‘I See Movies’ 20 Most Anticipated Movies For 2016 – Part 2

Alright, I'm back with the top 10 movies I'm anticipating the most for 2016. You'll see some obvious choices and you might see some not so obvious choices. But you'll never know unless you read on. So go ahead and read on because you know you want to. 10. Rogue One: A Star Wars Story... Continue Reading →

Prequel, Present, Sequel Podcast – Pre-Age of Ultron (Episode 23)

My voice is coming back so you guys are lucky. Anyways, here is another episode of the Prequel, Present, Sequel Podcast. During this 23rd episode, I get into some pre-'Avengers: Age of Ultron' talk. On top of that, I discuss some more Spider-Man news, Johnny Depp's falling star, the announcement of 'Furious 8' and more. Of course,... Continue Reading →

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