‘The Upside’ Bullet Point Review

Using bullet points, I'm going to give you my (SPOILER FILLED) thoughts on Kevin Hart's "dramatic" performance debut...'The Upside'!   Props to Hart for being formidable in this “dramatic” role and still being funny And not using an over-the-top personality he sometimes uses in his comedic roles Now his serious acting wasn’t good at some... Continue Reading →

Share the Door Podcast – ‘Creed II’ and the Tear (Episode 13)

Welcome to Share the Door, the podcast where one couple has "civilized squabbles" about what they would do in hypothetical situations based on current movie news and things between them may never be the same! Sound dramatic? Well it is! During episode nine, Brianna & Leo Archibald review (and SPOIL) 'Creed II',  debate who can cry... Continue Reading →

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