My 2015 Complete Movie List: #109 – #100

Time to get back to this list (which might go well into April at the rate I'm going). Here are the movies that came in at #109 - #100 on my complete movie list for 2015. We're getting through the rough patch (a.k.a. the bad movies) but, once again, there is a light at the... Continue Reading →

Prequel, Present, Sequel Podcast – Fantastic Four…Ugh (Episode 37)

Here is the 37th episode of the Prequel, Present, Sequel Podcast. Excuse the depressed nature of my voice but we all know 'Fantastic Four' came out this past weekend and wasn't able to exceed past the negativity surrounding it before it was even released but that's putting it lightly (I didn't hate the movie though)...ugh whatever, I'm... Continue Reading →

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