‘Blumhouse’s Truth or Dare’ Bullet Point Review

Using bullet points, I'm going to give you my thoughts on a Blumhouse misstep that even my girl Lucy Hale couldn't completely save...'Truth or Dare'!   The too old looking to be playing a high school or college kid Hayden Szeto makes a surprise return to playing just that very type of character Just like... Continue Reading →

Leo B. Gyllenhaal Podcast – Infinity War is like Crack (Episode 94)

Here is the 94th episode of the Leo B. Gyllenhaal Podcast! This episode Sir Leo Archibald and Great Musical a.k.a. Pusha K a.k.a Joaquin Pennyworth are back (from a nice hiatus) to discuss 'Avengers: Infinity War' and some other stuff that don't matter as much. So let your ears take a listen as they STILL work through... Continue Reading →

Vote for Your Favorite Scary Movie!

UPDATE: Voting is Closed! This past weekend I got to see the newest "scary movie" to be released to the world, 'It Follows'. I didn't really look into the movie much before hand, I don't even know if I purposely watched the trailer. But I'm always interested in seeing a "scary movie" when it's placed in... Continue Reading →

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