Marvel Cinematic Universe Movies: Worst to First

'Ant-Man' is not only the most recent Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) movie to be released (read my review here) but it also closes out Phase 2 of the MCU. So now is the best time as ever to go over my complete list of the MCU movies, from worst to first. I shouldn't really use... Continue Reading →

2015 Academy Award Predictions: The Outcome

The Academy Awards just slowly passed (I say slowly because it seemed like it lasted forever) so that means it's time to see how my predictions turned out. If you haven't already read my predictions, you can check them out right here. Before you read on and check out the scoreboard, let me just say... Continue Reading →

2015 Academy Award Predictions

OK the dust has kind of settled on all the outrage over the nominations for this years Oscars. So it's the perfect time for me to jump in and give my predictions on how it's all going to play out (OK not ALL because I'm not going to be making predictions on every category). I'll... Continue Reading →

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