Prequel, Present, Sequel Podcast – James Bond: The New Avenger (Episode 29)

Here is the 29th episode of the Prequel, Present, Sequel Podcast. During this episode,  I drop some gems and introduce the ideas of James Wan directing a Batman movie over Aquaman on top of James Bond getting the opportunity to team up with the Avengers (yeah I said it!). I also discuss what Paul Feig said... Continue Reading →

Which Avenger is Your Favorite?

UPDATE: VOTING CLOSED! With 'Avengers'Age of Ultron' being released recently I thought I'd ask you all which Avenger is your favorite. Right now I'm just speaking in terms of the core Avengers from the first two movies. We are introduced to some new heroes in 'Age of Ultron'  and will be seeing some candidates for the... Continue Reading →

Marvel Phase 2 Predictions

With 'Thor: The Dark World' finally in theaters, Marvel Studios is back to dominate the box office. Not as strong as when 'Iron Man 3' was released earlier this year but still definitely good business. According to, they predict the sequel will make around $88 million in its opening weekend. The movie has already... Continue Reading →

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