My 2018 Complete Movie List: #70 – #61

Here are the movies that came in at #70 – #61 on my complete movie list for 2018. Expect to see an “anti-hero” Marvel movie, a biopic that relied too much on the lead performance and more.


70. Bohemian Rhapsody

  • Wish we saw a quick process of the name ‘Queen’ being agreed upon
  • Felt like storyline was moving through things too quickly but I seem to feel that way about a lot of recent biopics
  • Wanted to see some creative liberties taken in regards to the groups reaction to ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’ not being beloved when it was first released
    • A big deal was made about the making of the song only for us to see it get bashed, the group then perform it and that’s it
  • Felt somewhat jumbled and unfocused as it hovered over the life of Freddie Mercury (Rami Malek) and Queen without ever taking time to fully land
    • For someone not fully informed on Queen, this movie felt like it was made for just its die hard fans
  • Enjoyed how the Live Aid performance was shot
  • Malek gave a great flamboyant, out there performance as Mercury
    • I can’t really compare him to the life guy because I’m not really informed on him but it seems like it was close or close enough
  • Didn’t realize who Mike Myers played until after the movie was over
    • I was looking at his character and was thinking he was somebody I knew
  • I must not know how a good biopic should function
  • To Sum it Up: I enjoy watching “history” lessons of peoples lives usually, especially music related ones, because I can find entertainment in someones interesting life story. This movie had that for me to a point but after that, its process and focus was a problem for me

69. Venom 

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68. Adrift

  • Even after being “adrift” for 18 days, Tami (Shailene Woodley) was still finding new things amongst the ruckus in the boat
    •  How did she not search that whole boat within a day or two? She didn’t have much else to do
  • Solid twist of Richard (Sam Claflin) being dead the whole time and Tami hallucinating him being alive
    • The initial wreck had to be shown at the end  to show that he didn’t even suffer the injuries Tami envisioned for him
    • I was starting to wonder how he was able to survive over a month without ever moving, having a shattered leg, broken ribs and all that jazz
  • I thought the score, when Tami finally saw another boat and safety, could have been more celebratory and redemption feeling
  • I’m glad pre-accident scenes were infused in after the accident happened because just seeing two people on a small boat for a majority of the time would have made things slower than they already were
  • Woodley gave a strong performance basically carrying the whole movie
  • To Sum it Up: A sloooow movie but the surprise at the end made it better and put into perspective even more how terrifying Tami’s journey was

67. Night School

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66. White Boy Rick

  • Rick (Richie Merritt) and his friends decide to shoot a bunch of rats in one scene
    • Rats are disgusting but they don’t deserve that
  • This movie makes Detroit, back in the era this takes place in, look so rundown
  • That’s cool Detroit’s own Danny Brown had a little appearance before his characters head got bashed in by an alcohol bottle
  • Rick basically tripped and fell into being an informant for the cops
    • You blink and it happens with little explanation
  • The story idea is way more interesting than it played out in the movie
    • It’s like they mapped out what they wanted to touch on but ended up coming up with a very rough way to hit each mark
    • Maybe I want all these true story joints to feel epic and climatic
  • The cops, who brought Rick in, shouldn’t been able to work with an underage kid the  way they did without their parents being involved
  • The cops were some shady individuals but what’s new
    • The drug laws in Michigan are ridiculous
  • YG didn’t say much in his role but he did pretty good so shout out to him
  • Merritt was good for the most part and this is encouraging since this was his first role
    • At times he looked very raw but still mostly believable as this kid who was just a product of his environment
  • To Sum it Up: This has to be the rough draft. Where is the final copy?

65. The Spy Who Dumped Me

  • The action scene in the cafe in Vienna was good
    • Nice mix of fighting and violence
    • First good thing to happen in the film
  • Mila Kunis and Kate McKinnon run very slow
    • Those little legs were churning but the speed was still slow
  • For the second time ever, I heard someone make the random comment that Woody Harrelson is handsome….odd
  • Before Morgan (McKinnon) and Audrey went on the run, the movie wasn’t funny and I was terrified that’s how the whole movie would be
    • Once they began running from everyone, things started to get funny
    • Them having no clue what they were doing was the main source of humor
      • More McKinnon than Kunis
  • Funny Edward Snowden “cameo”
  • I fell asleep a little but when did the ladies no longer become murder suspects or in trouble with the law?
  • Wasn’t hilarious but it was funny
    • A funnier writer and you have the potential for a great movie
  • The type and amount of action it had surprised me and I was happy about that
  • To Sum it Up: Didn’t expect much and got more than that so I’m good

64. Den of Thieves

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63. The First Purge

  • The movie starts with a corny hint at where the term “the purge” came from
  • Was their a poster to ‘Halloween (2018)’ in this?
    • That would be a cool Easter egg since both movies are through Blumhouse
  • I like that there are details going on within this first purge or experiment as it was being called by some characters
    • With the financial incentive, people were given, to participate
    • The fact that only Staten Island was chosen to participate
      • Would like to know how that place was chosen
    • The lack of preparation characters of course had compared to the other movies
  • Skeletor (Rotimi Paul) was an annoying antagonist
  • How is Desiigner in two movies in 2018?
  • Glad they actually went with the reasoning of there is too many people in the world and too much crime and poverty as to why the government inserted their own to go in disguised as civilians and purge in lower income areas
  • Don’t fully get why the hired guns really felt that they had to kill everyone in that apartment building at the end
    • They could have just called it a day because they already killed enough to get their point across
  • Y’lan Noel was a good action lead surprisngly
    • I want to see him another action role like in ‘Black Panther 2’ as a villain or something
  • Dimitri (Noel) was entertaining when he turned into the hoods Rambo at the end but where did this “drug lord” learn all those fighting skills?
  • I was a little let down by the amount of violence, not going to lie
  • This movie teetered on making a racial statement
    • It seemed like it wanted to make a big statement in these trying times for our country but it kind of wimped out and used side stepping dialogue
  • The story seemed like it was cared about when the movie started and then as things moved forward, things became more about fake civilians purging against real ones above anything else
  • Sorry but more main characters should have kicked the bucket when you have a plot like this
  • To Sum it Up: The streak of ‘Purge’ movies getting better with each entry has ended but this one is still better than the first one

62. Sicario: Day of the Soldado 

  • The suicide bombers scene at the beginning is dark and that’s what I expect from this (now) franchise. It made me pumped about what I was going to see going forward
    • And no, I’m not a crazy psychopath
    • Things moved forward and I was letdown
  • Josh Brolin kind of looks bigger than he did in the first one (probably thanks to his prep for the Thanos and Cable roles) but I can’t fully tell
    • His head definitely looked like it increased somewhat as if he is Barry Bonds or something
    • …but I’m not insinuating steroids or nothing….
  • They need to turn the volume on the dialogue up some
  • The uneasy feeling of intensity and uncertainty of what is coming next that ‘Sicario’ had was missing in this one
  • The beautiful vision, technically and stylistically, that Denis Villeneuve brought to the first installment was missing from this one
  • This sequel and its predecessor both have a slow pace but the pacing was a problem in this one because of feelings this one lacked
  • The moments of violence and action were good but things didn’t get better as the movie progressed forward
    • That element stayed even or got dramatically worse
    • These moments felt very real and grim though so I guess they weren’t necessarily supposed to entertain per se but I still want to see some good stuff
  • The ending was anticlimactic and I was sort of surprised that was the end when I saw the title card come up
    • But the very last scene brought that level of darkness I enjoy from this franchise
  • Brolin and  Benicio del Toro brought their talents again but the movie was missing Emily Blunt’s own greatness
  • I didn’t realize until later that this movie told a good story, from different angles, of how kids are effected by the drug cartel game
  • To Sum it Up: I never wanted this sequel because I felt like it was pointless and I still feel that way but I wasn’t mad at the overall effort

61. The Strangers: Prey at Night

  • Enjoyed this much more than ‘The Strangers’
    • …Even though I barely remember that slow, boring movie
  • Once again, I ask why Christina Hendricks took a role like this?
    • She’s the first to die and it’s maybe like 40 minutes into the movie
    • I thought she was the star
  • There were some pretty impactful jump scares
    • Perfect timing at moments you really aren’t expecting something and that something is surprising too
  • I like the numerous angled shots where you think you might see something coming from off in the distance and it turns out to be true
    • That scare tactic is a good switch up from your typical jump scares
  • There is a scene where these two cars are set on fire. Boy oh boy, that looked so fake compared to anything else in the movie
    • So shout out to the special effects department
  • I enjoyed the score mixed with the old school tunes used in this
  • To Sum it Up: As far as pointless slasher movies go, I wasn’t mad at it


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