My 2018 Complete Movie List: #80 – #71

Here are the movies that came in at #80 – #71 on my complete movie list for 2018. Expect to see a movie about a vice president, a couple sequels and more.


80. Blumhouse’s Truth or Dare

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79. The Oath 

  • Wish I would have read “the oath” when it was displayed at the beginning because of course it’s talked about throughout but it’s details aren’t mentioned again
  • The scene with the CPUs in the TV room lasts way too long and ends up being a lot of arguing and yelling about the same thing
    • We are treated to a quick tasing, a stabbing and some gun waving to split the scene up
  • Chris ( Ike Barinholtz) was a “watching the news” addict and his addiction was disgusting
  •  The big CPU storyline was too much at the forefront when I didn’t think it was going to go that way at all
  • The movie was funny at times because of the funny Barinholtz
    • The humor did undercut some of the serious moments and make those moments feel less dramatic
  • The last 2/3rds of movie could have been avoided if Chris would have been forceful and kicked the CPU guys out of his house
    • They weren’t cops and had no jurisdiction there
    • Really they were trespassing
  • To Sum it Up: The satirical and dramatic take on the current political climate had good intentions but played out in an unfocused way

78. Beautiful Boy

  • This movie is very quiet or the theater I was in had the crappy sound system
  • Once Nic (Timothée Chalamet) decides to leave rehab for college, the movie montages for a while until he relapses
    • It felt weird to watch because the story shifted back and forth from the past in an off manner
  • The movie has a bunch of montage style scenes and it makes the pacing feel weird and uneven
  • I enjoyed the score
    • Was much less generic than I expected
  • The performances were solid
    • Chalamet was the clear standout
  • Nic gets sober, relapses, sobers up, relapses and so on and so on
    • That same song and dance got tiring
    • I feel like the same drug abuse story could have been told differently and more compelling but I get this is based on someone’s life
  • To Sum it Up: Wasn’t the most engaging time at the movies but the story and it’s dark nature keeps you attentive

77. Bad Times at the El Royale

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76. Vice

  • The first half felt like an all over the place, jumbled history lesson of Dick Cheney’s early days
  • The joke of the movie ending midway through with the credits and all that happy stuff was pretty funny
  • So Cheney is to blame for ISIS huh?
  • I don’t know why I thought Cheney accidentally shooting that person would be made a bigger deal of
    • I guess that’s all I really remembered of him
  • The cast all brought their A game when it comes to portraying these real life people (I assume)
    • Christian Bale, as always, gets lost in his character to the point you don’t see him on screen anymore; You just see Cheney
    • Wish I could have seen Sam Rockwell bumble around as George W. Bush more
  • The narrator reveal was a creative idea
    • From the beginning , you don’t know who the man is supposed to be and he acknowledges that. He says you’ll find out later but so much happens going forward that I forgot about wanting to know the answer when it is revealed
    • The reveal then feels like it comes from out of nowhere and is a pleasant surprise
  • Director Adam McKay cuts to random shots throughout the movie. Some instances I understood and some I didn’t
    • I would have liked to see some of that cut back because some of the metaphorical imagery was going way over my head
    • Enough of the political stuff was already going over my head so I didn’t welcome more unnecessary confusion
  •  Even though I’m politically illiterate and wasn’t fully comprehending everything quickly, I enjoyed the second half more than the first
    • Seeing the behind the scenes handling of the government shenanigans is way more interesting than just politics itself
  • I like the comedic aspect McKay included in this “drama” but still wasn’t enough
  • To Sum it Up: McKay is a filmmaker I enjoy but this “award contender era” he’s in isn’t clicking with me

75. Skyscraper

  • Dang, Ben (Pablo Schreiber a.k.a. Pornstache) let a crippled Will (Dwayne Johnson) beat him up on one leg
  • The final shootout scene in the Pearl (or the room with all the mirrors) was cool and props to them on how the used the mirrors
  • It’s refreshing to see Johnson not play this unstoppable figure
    • I mean he was still beating people up but he was limping around and really looked like a wounded ol’ vet
    • This is the closest to human we will probably ever see him in an action movie
  • I wasn’t feeling the special effects much
    • It’s like the movie wanted the look to be more stylish and less believable
  • Nah, I’m not rocking with how the fire was put out in the building
    • Some people might like that it has a specific call back to a conversation at the beginning but not me. Too easy of a resolution
  • Had lots of action so it seems like I would probably find it entertaining if I didn’t take power naps during the viewing
    • My sleep prevented me from seeing Johnson do the epic jump into the skyscraper
    • my sleep prevented me from knowing why the bad men wanted to burn down the skyscraper
  • To Sum it Up: To be honest, I fell asleep on a big chunk of the beginning/middle area so I’m not fully sure how I feel about this

74. Tomb Raider

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73. Pacific Rim: Uprising

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72. The Grinch 

  • This version of Mr. Grinch (Benedict Cumberbatch) seemed toned down and not as mean as he should be
  • The movie super breezed through the Grinch stealing Christmas, his heart getting huge and giving all the Christmas stuff back
  • Cumberbatch was good as the Grinch but he didn’t bring that menacing Scrooge attitude
    • In the movies defense, I’m sure they weren’t going for that completely
  • Some funny moments
  • Illumination is really killing it lately with its animation and its ability to be competition to Pixar
  • To Sum it Up: This movie added nothing to a story I’m very familiar with

71. Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald

  • The return of Hogwarts reveal wasn’t that interesting
    • The movie just played it like the location was any ordinary location and not the return of a place that was so important in the Harry Potter movies
  • Young Newt (Joshua Shea) captured the older Newt’s (Eddie Redmayne) mannerisms very well
  • Redmayne might be a super odd ball in these movies but the more and more I watch him in this franchise, the more I respect his talents to act like that very well
  • Credence (Ezra Miller) looks much older in this one compared to the first one
    • You would think this is a few years in the future
  • Credence siding with Grindelwald (Johnny Depp) seemed forced because the reasoning didn’t seem clearly stated  beforehand like Credence said it was
  • Once again, the Niffler is the best part of the movie
  • Visually, the end looked cool
  • This entry really makes me feel like this series having five movies is a stretch and unnecessary
    • This movie isn’t wack but it felt like a story that could have been done in much less than two hours
    • It did, however, make me anticipate the next entry more than I did this one
      • I didn’t hype this one at all
      • The Dumbledore reveal could make for some potentially fun storytelling
  • This had less fun moments than ‘Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them’
    • Might need to see the beasts more often for the next three movies
  • What crimes of Grindelwald did we witness?
  • Why didn’t the movie just say straight up that Dumbledore (Jude Law) and Grindelwald had some romantic feelings for each other?
  • To Sum it Up: Thanks to this entry, this series seems even more like a cash grab and less like the culmination of all parties involved actually believing they have a good story to tell over five movies


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