My 2018 Complete Movie List: #90 – #81

Here are the movies that came in at #90 – #81 on my complete movie list for 2018. Expect to see a remake, a movie that killed a two film win streak for a certain franchise and more.


90. The Commuter

  • Liam Neeson is always a cop or ex-cop or something similar to that in his last several old man action movies
    • Also, just want to point out his acting felt oddly subpar here
  • The movements during the fights were so fast that it’s obvious they had some help from some computers
    • Looks like the scenes were played in fast forward
    • The fight scene against the black dude with the guitar was cool though
    • Actually, most of the fights weren’t bad even though they looked crazy
  • The train crash at the end was too crazy and frantic even for something crazy like a train crash
  • There wasn’t enough Vera Farmiga in this.
    • Her talents were wasted away by using her primarily, and sparingly, as just a voice actor
  • Wasn’t mad at the twist at the end with who was the corrupt cop
  • An uninteresting variation of “Who Done It” was played here
  • To Sum it Up: Simply an unthrilling thriller

89. Death Wish 

Read my review right here!

88. Unfriended: Dark Web

  • The main guy, Matias (Colin Woodell), is dating Amaya (Stephanie Nogueras) who is deaf
    • Sounds too difficult
  • Took awhile to get into the plot
    • But that time wasn’t being wasted and gave you something watchable
  • Why does the computers picture quality get all choppy and pixelated when the Charons are near?
    • They aren’t demonic beings so I need an explanation
    • Is the head Charon we see at the end purposely doing that to each person every time we see them?
  • The kills were awful this time around
    • They weren’t violent at all and they didn’t even show some of them
    • In ‘Unfriended’ the kills weren’t great or anything but they seem legendary compared to the kills in this one
    • The positioning of the characters before their kills didn’t seem logical and were more forced so the kill could take place
    • Example: At the end (of the version that I saw) someone is hit by a car in the middle of the road but up until that point this person was just sitting on their bike in the middle of the road. Who sits on their bike in the very middle of the road?
  • Came off more as a thriller/suspense movie and less of a horror flick
  • Commend the franchise for switching up the plot from dealing with a demonic being in the first one to a cult like group in this one
    • This story is too detailed and complex though
    • I THINK a third movie was teased
  • The entire third act was anti-climatic and boringly rushed
  • The group of friends in this one were less fun compared to the group in the first one
  • What was the ages of each friend?
    • The age range for the group looked wide
    • Nari (Betty Gabriel) looked much older than all of them
  • To Sum it Up: The screen view concept is still interesting to me but this installment took a step back on making a quality movie behind it

87. Fahrenheit 451

  • I kind of remember reading the book this movie is adapted from back in high school
  • My boy Michael B. Jordan really dies in almost every one of his movies
    • Happened twice in 2018
  • Even with its star power leading the way, this still felt like a HBO movie and not one of the few good ones that wins awards and whatnot
  • Michael Shannon and Jordan each did a solid job but nothing mind blowing like they have done in the past
  • To Sum it Up: My fandom for the two leads, so that makes the movie cool to me, but overall movie’s bland being makes it disappointing

86. 6 Balloons

  • Katie (Abbi Jacobson) had a real tough decision to make when it came to getting her brother, Seth (Dave Franco), the heroine he was having awful withdrawals from
    • Was it a smart decision, no but it was trying circumstances
  • With those mid-scene cuts to Katie being underwater, was the movie trying to say she feels like she’s drowning in the burden of taking care her brother or everything around her?
    • I’m stupid so I need help with the answer
  • Why is it called ‘6 Balloons’?
  •  Franco was believable as a strung out junkie who hits rock bottom before getting his high back
  • Jacobson brings her typical demeanor over to this more serious work and it doesn’t feel out of place at all
  • To Sum it Up: Doesn’t have much rewatch value but its self-contained story, which doesn’t offer much excitement, is done well

85. Hell Fest

  • Why did Gavin (Roby Attal) go back and try to get Natalie (Amy Forsyth) a stuffed animal? He was being too nice and stupid
    • He could have just went to a store afterwards and bought her one
    • His stupidity led to a great kill with a circus hammer smashing his head in
  • This Hell Fest park is not a place I would visit, especially when they have a section where you can get touched, picked up and whatnot by the people who work their
    • I’m not trying to scream in a very high pitched manner and pee a couple drops on myself
  • Gross syringe needle in an eye kill
  • Typical “camera pans away then back and someone (mainly the killer) has appeared on screen accompanied by some jump scare sound” moments throughout
  • A chopping off of the head kill was teased but then the victim ended up dying by being stabbed…BOOOOOOOO!
  • Another time where the black person in the movie doesn’t die first or early
    • Progress is being made
  • Not an exciting final confrontation with the killer
    • He gets stabbed, loses plenty of blood, escapes (of course) and ends up back at his house in what seems like OK condition
      • He must have been OK because his daughter saw him and didn’t react to any sort of blood or stab wound
  • I need a little more background information on the killer and why he was killing people AND why he chose his victims
    • Was it because they openly said that they weren’t scared of him at first?
    • I feel like some hints were tossed at us but I’m dumb so I must have unintentionally dodged them all
  • Too much buildup at the beginning and in between kills
  • To Sum it Up: A short run-time and a couple good kills kept this light “slasher” movie from being a complete dud

84. When We First Met

  • This movie said that Red Bull didn’t have extra flavors in 2014 but, from what I remember, that isn’t accurate
    • …OK, I looked it up and yep, that is not right. Red Bull expanded their flavor offerings around 2012 and 2013
    • So, this movie was clearly being lazy when it came to fact checking unless I’m looking at the wrong info
  • I like the twist to the ‘Groundhog Day’ style plot where Noah (Adam DeVine) goes back in time three years for one night. Then wakes up three years later and sees how his life has changed
  • I knew there would be one scenario where Noah would treat Avery (Alexandra Daddario) like a jerk
  • Was partly surprised by the twist at the end
  • I barely laughed
  • Not really a DeVine “fan” and definitely not as the leading man
    • He was alright in this movie but didn’t change my mind about him
  • To Sum it Up: Thanks to its slightly unique take on the ‘Groundhog Day’ premise, this barely funny, just there movie is OK

83. Superfly

  • Wasn’t feeling the slow motion used during the fight scenes
    • There was a slow motion bone breaking moment but you can tell it looked so fake because it happened during a slow motion part
  • There’s a scene where a cop is looking through a car and singing Chamillionaire’s “Ridin”….smh
  • Fat Freddie (Jacob Ming-Trent) is the reason for all the problems surrounding Priest (Trevor Jackson)
    • His lady snitched on him to Snow Patrol and he was stopped by the police with his side piece which then got them involved
    • He then meets his demise with the usual racist police shooting
  • Lecrae spitting bars at a funeral?
    • Yeah that sound about right
  • Michael K. Williams was in the movie less than I expected but that seems to be the norm with him lately
  • How was JuJu (Kaalan Walker), the guy who started the friction with Priest because he’s a dumb hothead, next in line to lead Snow Patrol after the leader died?
  • I’m glad Big Boi didn’t play a “gangster” or “thug” in this. To me, he has aged out of that
  • The conflict resolution for all of Priests problems at the end happened so quickly
    • Poor story progression
  • Jackson and Jason Mitchell’s performances were the best part of the movie
  • Director X may want to stick to shooting music videos…..even though videos aren’t that big anymore
  • It felt like there were so many scenes of someone “making it rain”
  • To Sum it Up: OK movie that clearly couldn’t think of a good way to resolve its story

82. The Cloverfield Paradox 

Read my review right here!

81. Ocean’s 8

  • How Debbie (Sandra Bullock) was immediately scamming when she got out of jail was pretty cool
    • I got to try some of her methods
  • The inside jobs Rose (Helena Bonham Carter) and Tammy (Sarah Paulson) got, within the Met Gala scheme, seemed to be acquired way too easily
    • How did Debbie get an invite to this super exclusive event? Did they tell that because I dozed off a little
  • When we first see Tammy, I didn’t understand what her role on the team was and still didn’t by the end
  • How did Desiigner snag a cameo at the Met Gala in this?
  • I’m glad this movie showed me what goes on at the Met Gala because I never knew
    • I’m not satisfied either. Why is it so popular?
  • I wasn’t surprised at all by the reveal that Daphne (Anne Hathaway) was involved with the heist too
    • Before the movie came out, I figured there was no way Hathaway wouldn’t be apart of the main team
  • There was barely any struggles or trials and tribulations for the team to overcome and that was very annoying
    • I don’t think I have watched a heist movie go according to plan so easily
    • I’d probably let it go if the movie was more entertaining
  • I thought it would be funnier but NOPE, wasn’t funny
  • The cast is strong on paper but I don’t think they were given many opportunities to show entertaining camaraderie
  • To Sum it Up: This movie was like watching a reenactment of what the perfect heist would look like and that diminished its entertainment value


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