My 2018 Complete Movie List: #100 – #91

Here are the movies that came in at #100 – #91 on my complete movie list for 2018. Expect to see a movie about shark, a movie about a nun and more.


100. The Hurricane Heist

  • I hate Toby Kebbell’s southern accent in this
  • There’s a scene where two people are sucked through a broken mail ceiling thanks to the hurricane and are dangling upwards from cables
    • It was very ‘Fast and Furious’ esque
    • In the same scene, a bunch of huge debris was coming from behind at them and none of it hit them. Again, very ‘Fast and Furious’ esque
    • I was hoping for more similarities to that great “car” franchise but sadly they came few and far between
  • The last, ummm…., I would say 30 minutes was the fun part of the movie
  • Thought the movie would be more robbery and then try to escape but there was a big pause on that process right in the middle
  • Was hoping for a dumb action movie that might have provided non-stop thrills
    • Yeah, I didn’t get that
  • To Sum it Up: Just a cheap action movie that didn’t go full out ridiculous with its already ridiculous concept

99. Action Point 

  • I knew Johnny Knoxville would do some stupid stunts to hurt himself but some that he did were really pointless and just used to get very cheap laughs
    • He doesn’t need to do those particular stupid stunts because he already hurts himself enough since he does all his own stunts
  • The story is nothing to remember but the fun level and humor was supposed to be enough to withstand it but unfortunately it wasn’t
    • The rambunctiousness just wasn’t where I wanted it to be
    • It tried to be touching and a little layered with the father-daughter narrative but at the end of the day I wasn’t here for that
  • This is no ‘Jackass’ 
  • To Sum it Up: I’m sure Knoxville enjoys doing this but this movie wasn’t worth all the injuries he suffered making it

98. Crazy Rich Asians

  • The main guy’s name is Nick Young (Henry Golding) lol
    • All my basketball fans will understand
  • OG Nick is rich but still uses his girl’s Netflix password
    • My idol!
  • The bachelor and bachelorette party scenes had some funny moments
    • Jimmy O. Yang wasn’t in it much but he was the funniest part of the movie while he was there
  • The wedding scene showed off a cool looking set up by typical wedding standards
  • The theme of not being good enough played a big part of the plot for several characters and I think it was handled well
    • It effectively showed how different type of people surrounded by this certain thought can be affected by this one idea
    • You can see the idea kind of blossom from the opening scene
  • This definitely takes you back to the early 2000s when rom-coms came out left and right and starred Kate Hudson or Jennifer Lopez
    • But this one felt more cinematic and upscale
  • Out of all the family members, why was a lot of time spent on Nick’s cousin, Astrid (Gemma Chan) story?
  • Why didn’t the characters speak their native language most of the time since they were Singapore?
    • I get this an Asian movie for America but still, it doesn’t make logical sense to me
  • Wasn’t funny
  • A rom-com premise we’ve seen before many times
    • Mom doesn’t like girlfriend until the end
    • Guy gives up a lot to be with girl
  • Thought the idea that Nick was a wanted bachelor by many women back home would come into play more with the women trying to get in between him and Rachel (Constance Wu) but it didn’t
    • The movie didn’t fully play to that side or the side of Nick’s family not thinking Rachel is good enough for him
  • To Sum it Up: A very basic take on a movie genre that was big a decade or so ago. So much so that it wasn’t interesting to me at all

97. Every Day

  • Interesting concept of someone waking up everyday as a different person
  • Movie Quote: “….Rihanna as in b**** better have money”
    • Is that how people refer to Rihanna?
    • At that point of the movie, I was terrified at the corniness of the script
  • The only A I recognize the one from ‘Pretty Little Liars’
  • Out of all the people they have met, why does A pick Rhiannon (Angourie Rice) to pursue?
    • Was the only day they spent with her as Justin (Justice Smith) that fantastic?
    • Seriously, why this girl?
    • Just because A had a “feeling they never felt before”? Nah, I’m not riding with that reasoning
  • A creating an Instagram with pictures and stuff of all the people they have been is a cool idea
  • So some people have a foggy memory of what A did when A possessed them? But don’t remember what people A met as them?
    • Then they say A can share memories with the people’s bodies A inherits during that day?
    • Confused
  • Rhiannon can’t get mad at A for him telling the truth about why they can’t be together
    • She was acting just like A when it comes to living in the now and that’s not logical for her
  • So A just drives to New York in someone else body who isn’t from New York and A’s goal is to not effect peoples lives smh
  • I was expecting the fact that A spent a long time in Alexander’s (Colin Ford) body would have more major effects on both of them but I was wrong
    • The movie shouldn’t have made it seem like it was hard to stay in someones body
    • I get it has adverse effects that are more emotional on the side of the actual person but still. It was made way too easy in the end with no real repercussions for A
  • I like Rice as an actress and she wasn’t awful in this but I wouldn’t say she was good either
    • It seems like she needs a good story or to be surrounded by good actors to flourish so far in her young career
    • She was great in ‘The Nice Guys’ so I’m sure she can be better moving forward
  • I wanted Debby Ryan to be the deep-voiced funny person for the small amount of times she was on the screen but that didn’t happen
  • The whole new body everyday thing is a hard logical track to keep up with for a writer but they tried their best to explain it out
    • Unfortunately potential issues would pop up as the movie moved forward
  • Those who like sappy love stories, this is a unique take on that
  • To Sum it Up: The interesting story-line saved this from being a straight dud and made it a movie I could tolerate if forced to watch again

96. The Meg

  • This was my first regular 3D movie of 2018
  • It took the company in the movie to realize that the floor area of the ocean they are in, isn’t actually the floor but a cloud of some sort with way more ocean underneath?
    • Not buying it
    • Introduce the shark to me a different way
  • Send Jonas (Jason Statham) to swim toward a shark that everyone knows is super dangerous and shoot a tracker at it. Yeah that seems logical
  • The Meg almost bit through the companies underwater office but the movie’s main group still thought it was safe to put someone in a shark protective cage underwater and lure the giant shark to them to study it or whatever?
    • Nothing but logical geniuses in this one
  • DJ (Page Kennedy) was supposed to be the funny black guy of the movie but he wasn’t funny
  • Too many of the main cast survived
    • I need more violent deaths…or at least deaths
  • Director Jon Turteltaub said the death scenes had to be edited to make the movie PG-13 but I don’t see how the limited amount deaths could have gotten more violent
  • Statham was being Statham when it came to the action moments so that was the movie’s best parts
  • Ruby Rose’s neck is extremely skinny in this
    • I’m a fan of her but I’m just saying I think she should eat more
  • To Sum it Up: Wished for dumb shark fighting fun but just mostly got something dumb

95. 12 Strong

  • Didn’t know Chris Hemsworth’s real life wife, Elsa Pataky, was going to be playing his character’s wife in this
  • Does Hemsworth have a slight accent in this?
    • I can’t fully tell because what I hear is the faintest of twang
  • There are some explosions and basic bullet warfare (especially at the end) to try to distract from the fact that I don’t find much interest in this war jargon filled plot
    • The accomplishment, the movie is based off of, is a major one but when the act is turned into a movie, it seems like one of the more boring war stories that fall off the 9/11 tree
  • Great cast but they didn’t add their own to their roles to the point where the movie would have been the exact same if a bunch of no name actors were in it
  • Hemsworth is my guy but I’m still worried about his movie choices outside the MCU
    • I can kind of let this slide because it’s an America celebration movie and he probably liked the people he would be working with
  • To Sum it Up: Great life achievement but cinematically..nah

94. Hotel Artemis

  • Brian Tyree Henry shoots a gun funny
    • And only has a small role so there can be a plot point for another character
  • Charlie Day plays some sort of antagonist for the 2nd time this year
    • His time here ends with a gruesome death by a printer
  • Why couldn’t Waikiki (Sterling K. Brown) get out of the “game”?
    • Never explained but at the end he was out?
    • Maybe because his brother, who died, was keeping him in….
  • Loaded cast that basically goes to waste with this action-less story-line
    • A hotel full of criminals and barely any action smh
  • I expected plenty of action and violence but barely got any of that
    • When it seemed like it was building up to something good happening come the end, we got one OK scene and that was it
  • I expected many characters to die in an action-filled bloody death match but that barely happened
    • In regards to two characters that were in big fights:
      • One of them somehow survived but we didn’t get to see how
      • We don’t learn the fate of the other
  • The story-line seemed like all buildup because by itself it shouldn’t be the basis of what it ultimately is, and that is a drama
  • To Sum it Up: I wanted a fun, violent action movie but instead I got a blah story with no fight

93. Set It Up

  • Taye Diggs seemed to struggle, somewhat, in the acting department here but he was funny so it’s all good
  •  Some lazy “man private part” jokes were made
    • Whoever wrote the script has got to be more clever
  • When Rick (Diggs) and Kristen (Lucy Lui) first start dating, we almost never see them interact with each other
    • A generic dating montage of them while also seeing all the free time Harper (Zoey Deutch) and Charlie (Glen Powell) gained would have worked
  • Pete Davidson was funny the few moments he was in it
  • This movie is unrated but it were to be released outside of Netflix, it would be rated R but it’s a barely forced R
    • It shouldn’t have forced the few F bombs or to be uninspiredly vulgar
    • A PG-13 esque rom-com would have worked fine
  •  Stuck to the formulaic romantic movie plot structure
    • A.k.a. predictable
  • I like the two leads but they seemed to not have much chemistry and weren’t that funny
    • I was disappointed because Powell was hilarious on ‘Scream Queens’
      • I also didn’t like his haircut but that’s beside the point
  • To Sum it Up: I don’t see how this movie was so popular on Netflix, is highly rated and inspiring talk of a sequel but what do I know

92. The Nun 

Watch my review right here!

91. Vox Lux

  • Yikes! Movie opens with a school shooting and we see a pile of dead kids in a corner of a classroom
    • Surprised to see this in the current climate
    • The school shooter certainly looked school shooterish
  • The end credits are put towards the beginning
    • That’s different but also interesting and a good idea
      • If you want viewers to see and recognize those who worked on the movie, why not put the credits during the movie
  • Young Celeste (Raffey Cassidy) was stiff when acting and dancing and couldn’t really sing
    • I don’t know if that was all purposefully or not
  • Almost an hour into the movie is when Natalie Portman finally comes in…
    • NO NO NO NO! smh
  • Everyone but Jude Law seemed like they weren’t acting well
    • Even Portman.
      • She’s a great actress but she was trying too hard to capture the traits and mannerisms of her character
      • It came off more like a stage play performance and it was weird to watch
  • Not a fan of the ending
    • It was just a looooong musical performance that was trying to also inform us that Celeste went crazy right after but all that crazy came from the same person who was able to do all THAT up on the stage…..
      • ….or at least that’s what I think it was trying to say
  • I liked the story but the execution was disappointing
  • To Sum it Up: Portman’s 2018 unusually mediocre


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