‘Blumhouse’s Truth or Dare’ Bullet Point Review

Using bullet points, I’m going to give you my thoughts on a Blumhouse misstep that even my girl Lucy Hale couldn’t completely save…‘Truth or Dare’!


  • The too old looking to be playing a high school or college kid Hayden Szeto makes a surprise return to playing just that very type of character
  • Just like in the CLASSIC ‘It Follows’, a guy passes a demonic disease to an innocent gal
    • You just can’t trust these dudes nowadays
  • Penelope (Sophia Ali) wasn’t too sad when her booboo Tyson (Nolan Gerard Funk) died
    • This is just an example of how none of the friends shed one tear or even seemed to truly care when each other died
  • The dare of walking along the edge of the roof while drinking a whole bottle of vodka was a good creative generational choice
  • Markie (Violett Beane) is the annoying friend of the group that realizes what is going on but still gets mad at Olivia (Hale) for what the game makes her do
  • Some petty truths and dares
    • That alone shows this is a young people movie
  • The truth or dare demon face that was shown on everybody was less creepy and more dumb looking
  • When the plot started moving with THEE game going on, it kept moving but felt too rapid and not smooth
  • The special effects (CGI, background graphics, violent moments) looked so cheap
  • I might be biased but Hale used her ‘Pretty Little Liars’ experience to capture the right scared but contained emotions throughout…
    • But she becomes the most diabolical selfish person at the very end of the movie
    • She practically killed the most of the world with her one action smh
  • An interesting premise that didn’t reach its potential. It wanted to just play the game as much as possible but not in the best way
  • Closer to ‘Unfriended’ (read my review here!) than ‘Happy Death Day’ on the Blumhouse hierarchy
  • To Sum it Up: Was cool, dumb teen hijinks but, at the same time, a complete missed opportunity

RATING: Might Stream


P.S. I have returned to my rating scale that I used to use but with a slight update. There are four different levels. Below is each level in order from best to worse and what each one means.

Must Own = A movie that is so good that I must add it to my Blu-ray collection when it comes out.

Would Accept as a Gift = I enjoyed the movie but don’t necessarily have to buy it (especially if I don’t have the funds to) myself but I would take it if someone bought it for me.

Might Stream = A movie that if I have the urge to watch again then I’ll just stream it from somewhere

Never See Again = Very simple. I don’t want to ever see this movie again.


(Photo Credit: ADAM CHITWOOD – http://collider.com/truth-or-dare-trailer-blumhouse-lucy-hale-tyler-posey/#images; https://www.sbs.com.au/movies/article/2018/04/12/film-review-truth-or-dare)

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