‘Love, Simon’ Bullet Point Review

Using bullet points, I’m going to give you my thoughts on a movie that I may or may not relate to…‘Love, Simon’!


  • Wouldn’t be a romantic teen movie without a super embarrassing cringe worthy moment
  • Nick Robinson looked exhausted throughout this movie like his character was really up all night everyday thinking about how he can come out
    • He gave a good performance though
  • I like how the movie took a realistic approach to someone who is young and unsure of how to come out
    • It wasn’t over-the-top in the more dramatic situations
      • But for movie purposes, I felt like some moments could have taken that more dramatic approach just to touch all bases on how some coming out stories may go
  • Staying with the point made right above, the more I think about it, I think this might have been a too safe take on a gay person coming out situation
  • Was a fun watch
  • The charm and warmth grows as the movie treks forward
    • So when the feels start smacking you in the face towards the end, you really start to feel for all those true stories out there, on top of what’s going on with Simon (Robinson)
  • I really liked the mystery aspect of trying to figure out who Simon’s secret email pen pal was
    • I feel like you don’t get to play detective in these type of coming-of-age love stories
  • To Sum it Up: Where this movie lacks in its approach to an important subject, makes up for it in the feelings it forces you to have throughout


(Photo Credit: 20th Century Fox,  Ben Rothstein / Twentieth Century Fox / Everett)

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