‘Game Night’ Bullet Point Review

Using bullet points, I’m going to give you my thoughts on the current front-runner for the title of FUNNIEST MOVIE of 2018…‘Game Night’!


  • How did this hilarious COMEDY have a great FIGHT scene?
  • There is hilarious scene between Annie (Rachel McAdams) and Max (Jason Bateman) that involved her trying to remove a bullet from his arm
  • Another standout scene was the main group of friends playing a game of keep away with an egg all around this fancy looking house
  • I guessed the partial twist, the movie tried to hit us with, from the beginning
  • Hilarious movie with a great script
    • Waaay funnier than I expected and I was a fan of much of the cast even before I watched it
  • At first, I was saying McAdams doesn’t fit with comedies. As the movie went on, her charm worked in her favor for a lot of jokes
  • The whole cast brought it when it came to being funny
  • To Sum it Up: The level of hilarity this comedy brings is surprising and could easily lend it to being one of the best comedies of the year


(Photo Credit: http://rachel-mcadams.net/2017/08/20/screenwriter-mark-perez-talks-game-night/; Steve Greene – http://www.indiewire.com/2018/02/game-night-review-rachel-mcadams-jason-bateman-comedy-1201930671/)

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