‘Death Wish’ Bullet Point Review

Using bullet points, I’m going to give you my thoughts on the movie that was Bruce Willis’ failed attempt at being the next Liam Neeson‘Death Wish’!


  • Come on Bruce, you got to show more emotion when you find out what violent things happened to your wife and daughter
    • He didn’t have to do anything over-the-top, just more than the laid back shocked response he gave
  • I don’t think this movie was overreacting when it kept saying all the death numbers that Chicago builds up in such a small amount of time
    • That place can CRAZY in some parts
  • This came out at the most inopportune time
    • When the country wages war against the NRA and gun safety, this movie literally has a scene how easy it can be to buy a gun
  • Seeing Willis walk with the intent to get into some “action” to some Chief Keef music looks hilarious
  • When Paul’s (Willis) “Grim Reaper” alter ego kicked in, things started to get entertaining
  • Very anticlimactic ending
    • When it went off, I was like really? This is it?
    • The end made the overall story seem lazy
    • I needed more of a response from the cops with the figuring out who the Grim Reaper was
  • Kudos to the movie for having some moments of excruciating violence
  • Mike Epps was in like two scenes as a doctor, of all things. Why?
  • To Sum it Up: This weak revenge thriller was hurt more by its bad timing with its gun plot. This was not Willis’ ‘Taken’


(Photo Credit: http://redcarpetcrash.com/watch-death-wish-trailer/; http://horrorfreaknews.com/bruce-willis-brings-pain-latest-trailer-eli-roths-death-wish)

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