‘Justice League’ Bullet Point Review

Using bullet points, I’m going to give you my thoughts on the controversial, heavily talked about “DCEU” Frankenstein movie, ‘Justice League’!


  • I don’t like that a song with words played during the opening credits
    • it felt weird and doesn’t match the vibe that we’ve got so far in these DC movies
  • Was there a “Don’t be gay” joke made by Barry’s dad, Henry (Billy Crudup)  to Barry (Ezra Miller)? Or was I just hearing stuff
    • Miller is gay in real life so I wouldn’t think they would make that joke and that would be a left field joke for a universe that barely made jokes up until this point
  • The intros to the heroes felt rushed
  • The tone start feels so different than the other DC movies. Feels odd
    • the movies color pallet is even all bright and whatnot
  • Steppenwolf’s (Ciarán Hinds) entrance was funny and showed him to be a serious threat
    • he does look like he supposed to be a character in a video game
    • that serious threat feeling goes out the window at the end of the movie
  • Cool nonchalant Green Lantern appearance, tease or whatever you want to call it
  • Why does J.K. Simmons’ Commissioner Gordon have a gross little comb-over hairstyle?
  •  A small detail that was added that I was glad to see was Flash (Miller) tripping sometimes while he was running
  • The background CGI looked crazy at times
    • The people in those scenes looked like they were standing in front of a backdrop
    • maybe it was a focus issue that made it look like that
  • The Henry Cavill mustache controversy is noticeable for people who knew or didn’t knew he had his mustache digitally removed for some scenes
    • There had to have been a better way to deal with this ridiculous issue
  • Its funny how the entire movie feels like it’s in a rush to end but Batman (Ben Affleck) takes forever to get to places compared to his counterparts…hmmmm
  • Batman shouldn’t tell jokes or let out corny one liners but it wasn’t as bad as I expected
    • It’s less annoying though when it’s Bruce Wayne (Affleck) doing it
  • When Superman (Cavill) came back to his senses and was his normal self, he was cracking jokes at a rapid fire rate
    • It was like he was trying to make up for lost time
  • The ending was so rushed
    • When Steppenwolf was defeated, it was like the movie wanted to see how fast it could get to the credits
  • Joss Whedon definitely came up with the mid credit scene
  •  It seems like Aquaman (Jason Momoa) said the least but he seems like he would best carry to a solo movie
  • Why the Flash run like he has super long arms?
  • The action wasn’t great but it was cool and there was a nice amount for a movie that is under two hours
    • Ugh why is this movie under two hours…
  • Steppenwolf wasn’t a bad villain for a big ol’ alien. The movie even gave him as much backstory as it could
    • But his demise was extremely lackluster
  • Once the jokes got going, I settled into the fact that this was a wannabe comedy
    • But that first half of the movie was such an adjustment for me
    • It did feel good though to laugh at a DC movie no matter how odd it felt
    • These disappointing got to have something that doesn’t make them a complete disaster
  • The rushness (yep I’m saying that’s a word) of the whole movie, the tone meshing and character intros hurt the overall quality
  • Zack Snyder didn’t come correct with ‘Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice’ but maaan do I wanna see his version of this movie
  • To Sum it Up: This should have been a “moment” movie but it wasn’t. It should have been special but it wasn’t. It just blended in with the rest of the sub-par entertaining movies out there


(Photo Credit – http://www.superherohype.com/news/387983-full-justice-league-movie-cast-revealed#/slide/1; WARNER BROS. PICTURES; Shawn Rice – https://www.business2community.com/entertainment/jason-momoas-aquaman-not-king-atlantis-joins-batman-wonder-woman-justice-league-01936396)


5 thoughts on “‘Justice League’ Bullet Point Review

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  1. That was a good read! My main gripe with this movie was how weird the first half an hour or so felt. A bit like Rogue One recently, it felt pretty messy and directionless. But once it got into it, although far from perfect, I did enjoy it. There’s something about super chunky Battfleck that still doesn’t quite fit with me. He’s too chunky.

    1. Thanks! I appreciate you checking it out. And yeah it definitely was messy, rushed and felt off.
      I agree it did get enjoyable but there’s just so much to point at that was ridiculous lol.
      And you dont have to worry about looking at this batman for long cuz we all know Affleck is about to dip from the role here soon the way he’s talking

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