My 2017 Complete Movie List: #100 – #91

Here are the movies that came in at #100 – #91 on my complete movie list for 2017. We’re getting through the rough patch (a.k.a. the bad movies) but, once again, there is a light at the end of the tunnel (a.k.a. the good movies).


100. Brad’s Status

  • This must be a new world because a lot of movies lately, including this one, have kids talking reckless to their parents and the parents treating it like it is normal smh
  • Was expecting some sort of comedy but when the humor is there, it is so dry
  • Thought the slow, laid back vibe of this movie would change up at a point in time but it didn’t
    • the movie stayed going 15MPH
  • I like the story of someone thinking their life is inferior to those around them but to only, finally, realize that it’s just fine
    • Surround the story with more upbeat stuff next time
    • What I didn’t like about the story was that it came across as the privileged just finding something to complain about because Brads life seemed good
  • To Sum it Up: Ben Stiller had a bad 2017

99. Ghost in the Shell 

  • Scarlett Johansson was walking and running weird in the movie, just pointing it out
  • The movie tried to be slick by making the memories implanted in Major’s (Johansson) head those of someone who was traveling to the country just so they can have a reason for a white girl to play the role…or at least that’s what I believe was going on.
    • I could literally just be making things up because it was hard for this movie to keep my interest
  • Some story elements, like the twist with Kuze (Michael Pitt) being Major’s boyfriend, were fine but played out in an uninteresting manner
  • Some dull action scenes
  • To Sum it Up: I took a quick snooze early on while watching this and wish I would have fell back to sleep because this movie was wack and uninspired

98. The Layover

  • Not surprised Ryan (Matt Barr) turned out to be a jerk
    • this type of movie could have went one of two ways
      • either he ends up being a jerk or the two ladies tell him to chose and then neither end up with him because they realize their friendship means more blah blah blah
  • I giggled a few times
  • The acting started out bad from Kate Upton and Alexandra Daddario
    • as a big fan of Daddario, I don’t want to see her play another role like this
  • One of the two leading ladies should have been someone familiar with comedy
  • The plot, which we’ve seen before, did everything as bland as possible
    • brought nothing fresh or interesting to the table
  • To Sum it Up: Felt uninspired and was in dire need of funnier actresses

97. Gerald’s Game

  • Got more interesting, unfortunately, with the pervert dad molesting stuff
  • The scene where Jessie (Carla Gugino) slices open her wrist to get her hands through the cuffs even had me giving the screen the stank face
    • I liked the gross creativeness though
  • The twist of the whole escape and there after should have actually been another hallucination
  • The twist of the freaky being actually coming into the house and eating Gerald (Bruce Greenwood), not the dog, was a nice try but I wasn’t feeling it
    • If that was in the book then I blame the book
  • The correlation Jessie was making between her dad and and her husband and how they effected what she did was logical but felt forced at the same time
  • Not the best movie to watch when you’re a tad bit sleepy
  • To Sum it Up: Not the best or worse Stephen King adaptation of 2017

96. 47 Meters Down

  • Kate (Claire Holt) is that friend you don’t want because she is going to mess around and accidentally get you killed. She’s that devil on your shoulder
  • The way Lisa (Mandy Moore) and Kate were breathing hard and constantly talking, their oxygen when they were under water should have been ran out
  • Don’t fall asleep or lose focus during this movie because it’s so dark underwater that it’s hard to tell who’s who at times
  • The effects do look good at times
    • Seems like this was meant to be in 3D the way some scenes look and how stuff was popping toward the camera
  • I hate the twist at the end
    • The first ending was stupid because it was a happy ending even after Lisa kept getting attacked by the shark. She should have been dead
    • Then the twist came, and I liked it because it was dark and realistic….
    • But that didn’t last long because it switched back to a happy ending
    • What made it even more annoying is that the movie tried to compromise with the audience by insinuating that Kate died
  • To Sum it Up: OK movie but the flip-flopping back-and-forth at the end made it not for me

95. Free Fire

  • A bunch of talking was done before the shooting started and I still don’t know what really started it
    • I feel asleep a little so that didn’t help
  • Sharlto Copley’s accent is too thick in this one; tough to understand
  • Thought there would be more to it than just shooting each other in a specific area
  • I was falling asleep, so I couldn’t tell who was actually dead in the end
  • Had some humor and some violence but ultimately, I didn’t like it
  • To Sum it Up: My total sleep time during this movie probably affected my feelings toward it

94. King Arthur: Legend of the Sword

  • I can’t stand the jumpy storytelling moments inside the story
  • I know Arthur (Charlie Hunnam) was fighting the responsibility the sword brought on, but he tosses it once his friend dies? It’s too late buddy. At this point of the movie, people already want you dead, so you might as well keep the strong weapon
    • To add less significance to the moment, he gets it right back
  • I haven’t seen a big snake in a movie since ‘Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets’ (that could easily be a lie) but in this one, it was stupid
  • Though some of graphics were so computer generated looking, ala ‘Beowulf’, I would still like to see a whole movie filled with scenes of Arthur fighting with the sword
  • Hunnam was fine as Arthur but again he picks a wrong movie to lend his talents to
  • I’m not a Guy Ritchie connoisseur and so I’m too familiar off-hand on how he shoots his movie, but I wasn’t a fan of his work on this one
  • This movie tried toooo hard and was lazy at the same time
    • Some parts of the story weren’t cared about enough compared to other parts
  • To Sum it Up: I knew this movie would bomb at the box office but I didn’t think it would bomb this badly at being a descent action spectacle

93. Wish Upon

  • Clares (Joey King) uncle’s death looked very forced
  • The buildup for each death scene reminded me of the kills in the ‘Final Destination’ movies but just weaker and quicker
  • Clare wishes for her dad to not be embarrassing. He then shaves his beard, cuts his hair, wears nicer clothes, and starts playing the saxophone again
    • How can you wish for someone to not be embarrassing and how does all that stuff from that wish?
  • The quote “haters gonna hate” is said smh
  • This movie must be in the same universe as the ‘Fast & Furious’ franchise because there is a random shot of a car race that looked like it was straight out of ‘2 Fast 2 Furious’
  • Someone dies when Clare makes whatever wish she makes. How is it decided who dies?
    • The movie needed to better explain that
  • The acting was trash
    • Especially King at times
  • I like the dark, non-happy ending. That’s how horror movies should end
  • To Sum it Up: Decent concept that is poorly executed. This leads to yet another bad, forgettable horror flick

92. The Emoji Movie

  • Textapolis is the name of the world the Emoji’s live in? It makes sense since they live in the texting app but I still would have went with something lame like Emojiville
  • The human kid kept flipping out when his phone was making noise. He could have just put it on silent. I’m just saying…
  • I like Anna Faris but I don’t know about as a voice actor
  • Some of the emoji jokes were funny
  • Why make an emoji movie and it not star the popular ones?
  • To Sum it Up: The main character, Gene (T.J. Miller), might struggle to be meh but this movie doesn’t

91. Murder on the Orient Express

  • Started with a much lighter tone than I expected or wanted
  • I wasn’t feeling Kenneth Branagh’s Poirot
    • his accent was hard to understand at times and his mustache looked goofy
  • The investigation of the murder was more boring than I expected it to be
  • Daisy Ridley was good but needed more screen time
    • Showed she can keep up with a great group of actors
  • I thought the confined space of the train could have made for some compelling moments of dialogue but I was wrong
  •  The unveiling of the murderer or murderers was a twist I wasn’t expecting to see nor wanted to see.
    • It took the easy way out saying everyone was the killer. Please just give me one killer and explain to me how it was them
      • I want to find the clues throughout the movie that points to them being the culprit
  • I wasn’t feeling the movie so I didn’t like that there was a sequel set up at the end
  • To Sum it Up: Disappointing movie with a less than interesting murder mystery


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(Photo Credit: AMIE CRANSWICK –;; Sony Pictures Animation/CTMG, Inc.)

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