My 2016 Complete Movie List: #30 – #21

This 2016 list wasn’t supposed to take anywhere this long but unfortunately, look where we find ourselves. Its inching closer to the end of 2017 now so I shouldn’t finish it but I’m almost done so why not. Anywho, to switch things up, I’m going to write some of my recaps for each movie in bullet point form.

Now, here are the movies that came in at #30 – #21 on my complete movie list for 2016. Expect to see a dumb comedy, some Casey Affleck movies and more.

30. Storks

  • Included a funny ‘The Lego Ninjago Movie’ short at the beginning. Amped up my interest for the movie because I wasn’t to sure about it initially
  • Enjoyable voice performances
  • The family that ordered the little baby seemed like they were more of a quick loose end that the movie needed to tie up instead of it being a bigger deal when they actually delivered the baby
  • Surprised this was one of the funnier animated movies of 2016
  • To sum it up: Funny and entertaining movie that was very over-the-top but it fit it’s lead, Andy Samberg’s, personality

29. 10 Cloverfield Lane

Besides the fact that this movie isn’t connected to ‘Cloverfield’ at all (besides maybe the “vibe” and some other unnoticeable stuff), I enjoyed this movie. Yes, I get now that they’re doing a sort of ‘Twilight Zone’ thing with these ‘Cloverfield’ movies but still I thought we were gone get some cool winks at what happened in ‘Cloverfield’ while watching ’10 Cloverfield Lane’. But anyways, the mystery and tension that filled the movie was what made it so good (and John Goodman’s performance). The inclusion of some humor (done mainly by John Gallagher Jr.’s Emmett) made for an even more fun viewing experience but it didn’t throw off the great clueless vibe that was set. The vibe created a nice flow to the movie too. It went from Michelle (Mary Elizabeth Winstead) and Emmett being freaked out to playing house with Howard (Goodman) to being freaked out again. I never got comfortable with the way things were going so I was never bored. On to Goodman, he was great as either the bad kidnapper or the loony theorist who was just trying to help. I lean towards him being the bad but either way he was great. The third act, that finally gave us a taste of what was so frightening, was entertaining but I thought we were going to get more than the predictable monster-like thing. I also didn’t like that more wasn’t explained and of course, that it didn’t tie a little more into its “predecessor” but I already mentioned that. All-in-all, it’s a good movie but, besides all I mentioned, it’s missing something that I just can’t put my finger on.

28. Zoolander No. 2

This long-in-the-making sequel probably could have been left in the development room if you ask a majority of the people who actually watched it. But me, I’m glad it was released because I thought it was hilarious. I might even think it’s funnier than the first one. The first half is funnier than the second but it is still hilarious throughout. It all leads up to a very dumb ending (compared to the already high amount of stupidity going on throughout the rest of the movie) that contains one of the funniest moments on film this year (a.k.a. the Lava Party!). Besides Ben Stiller bringing the laughs, Benedict Cumberbatch and Kyle Mooney had standout small roles. All in all, this is one of the funnier movies of 2016 that is held back by the fact that, of course, it is just very stupid. One last thing, I kept forgetting Kristen Wiig was in this because she gets lost in the all the makeup it takes to create her characters look.

27. Snowden

  • Great performances by Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Shailene Woodley
  • The technique director Oliver Stone uses of having the camera look into Edward Snowden’s (Gordon-Levitt) hotel room as if someone was watching him was a great addition because it fit into the whole story about how he had to be sneaky and many people were looking for him after he gave up the National Security Agency’s secrets of invading people’s privacy
  • The story might have worked better as an in-depth article (one of those pieces on one of the boring websites I’d never visit) even though it made for a very good movie
  • To sum it up: This movie is almost like a very sub-par version of ‘The Social Network’ because it’s very slow but I somehow found the storytelling fascinating as well as the acting and the directing…just on a lesser level

26. Triple 9

Why did Michael K. Williams put some heals on and dress like a woman in this movie for about a few minutes? The character was kind of pointless and could have been played by a nobody. It just seemed odd. I just had to get that out the way with. Anyway, I enjoyed this gritty cop thriller. Is it one of the more memorable ones? No. It would have definitely benefited from being a tad bit longer just to expand the story since the ending seemed rushed but it’s still good a good movie. It started out with an entertaining bank robbing and escape scene that introduces us to our crooked cops. Then it proceeds on with a thrilling story that keeps my attention all the way up to its knockoff ‘The Departed’ style ending. Casey Affleck was OK in the movie but while watching it, I just kept thinking that my boy Jake Gyllenhaal would have killed it in his role. Also, I just want to point out that I didn’t like Kate Winsle’ts accent in the movie; That is all.

25. Deepwater Horizon

  • Even though the effects are good, much of what happens after disaster strikes is very dark. So it’s hard to see a lot of what is going on
  • The initial disaster strike is a site to see because you instantly feel for the real life victims
  • Andrea’s (Gina Rodriguez) body was too clean in the movie to have gone through that whole situation
  • To much hard to understand jargon was being said but eventually you get the point of what they’re trying to say
  • Mark Whalberg gave a great performance and most of it didn’t come until the end in the pivotal moments
  • Should have shown more scenes of Mike’s (Whalberg) wife and kids at home worrying because that would have shown another aspect of that event that was very emotional
  • To sum it up: Great story of a disaster and the survival of it. It gave my soft self some chills

24. The Magnificent Seven

  • The team was recruited too easy. For some, the mission wasn’t even really explained before they joined
  • Vincent D’Onofrio’s high pitched voice in this was annoying but luckily his character was ruthlessly funny
  • The first big shootout scene was great and that’s when we got to see the excellent cast in action together for the first time
    • That was later followed by the big finale battle that was even better
  • Denzel Washington was the “star” but a lot of the time it seemed like he was just “there”, blending in with everyone else
  • To sum it up: An entertaining spectacle from the acting and the action. The choreography of the shootouts were also on point too.

23. Manchester by the Sea

  • Fantastic script
  • The score can be too much at some points, especially during the more serious/emotional scenes
  • The story gets better as it moves forward, especially when Patrick (Lucas Hedges) comes into the picture
    • Thought he gave the best performance of the movie
  • Casey Affleck did give an award worthy performance but it kind of seemed like typical dry him. I know that is in a sense what the character needed but still. I didn’t necessarily see why he was looked at as a shoo-in to win all the big awards
  • Michelle Williams was good for, what seemed like, her tiny amount of screen time
  • Patrick was oddly calm while dealing with his dad’s death except for a couple of random moments
  • Great movie that progressed well thanks to the script and the performances.
  • Ran a little too long and wish more of the story elements were resolved in the end
  • To sum it up: I’ll label this as the funniest sad, depressing or whatever you want to call it, movie I’ve seen

22. Kubo and the Two Strings

  • Enjoyed it way more than I anticipated
  • Some fun action thanks to great, out-of-the-box imagery
  • Did i mention the imagery? The animation was against the grain compared to most of the animated movies that come out lately
  • Great and funny voice performances from Art ParkinsonMatthew McConaughey and Charlize Theron
  • To sum it up: It was weird but in a good way

21. Rogue One

  • Having no opening crawl is fine but it jumps right into the movie without a smooth transition
  • Cool fight scene with focused choreography when we first meet the blind dude, Chirrut (Donnie Yen) and Baze (Jiang Wen)
  • Wasn’t expecting Forest Whitaker’s Saw Gerrera to die early in the movie
  • The movie felt like it was rushing at first. Things just felt like they were happening without the last thing settling in.
    • It did catch its footing eventually
  • Seeing Darth Vader get into action at the very end was his sweetest action moment ever
  • The 3rd act action was fun for the eyes
    • The whole movie had a lot of action and most of the scenes were entertaining
  • K-2SO (Alan Tudyk) was funny but I feel like many other people over-hyped his performance
  •  Gareth Edwards shot a great looking movie but needs to work on timing and pacing from scene to scene
  • Great score that blended the sound from previous ‘Star Wars’ movies with a touch of new
  • The CGI used on Tarkin looked kind of creepy and not in a good way
  • To sum it up: Great way to start off the spin-off ‘Star Wars’ movies


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