The 2017 ‘I See Movie’ Awards: Vote For the Nominees!

UPDATE: Voting is Closed!

IT’S TIME FOR THE 3RD ANNUAL ‘I SEE MOVIE’ AWARDS! Since my personal favorites, when it comes to things dealing with movies (whether it be the best movie, best performance from an actor or actress and so on and so on), sometimes differ from the nominations in award shows, I decided to have my own set of awards; The ‘I See Movie’ Awards a.k.a. The Nateys (yeah? no?…OK). Remember, these are all my PERSONAL favorites so you’ll only see some similarities with like the Oscars or something.

Just like before, I have posted the nominees below and I ask you all to vote for who you think the winners should be. Once the voting is over, I will post who the winners are in the readers vote and see if it matches up with who I selected. I will, again, layout the winners post so it’s like an actual awards show so use your imagination and envision that’s what you’re watching if you read it (check out the previous ‘I See Moive’ Award winner right here!). Voting ends February 26th, 2016 so please vote below and take part in the 3rd annual ‘I See Movie’ Awards! Let’s see if your opinions are good (meaning that you agree with my picks) or if they are terrible (meaning that you don’t agree with my picks).

*Quick ‘I See Movie’ Awards Notes:

  • Five Nominees for each category except for Best Picture (which has ten like the max number for those that can be nominated by the Oscars)
  • Will Be Recognizing the Two Funniest Moments of the Year
  • One new category has been added this year!
    • Best Moment
















4 thoughts on “The 2017 ‘I See Movie’ Awards: Vote For the Nominees!

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  1. Yearly rant about the Oscars:
    Best animated film. Seriously, Your Name has gone to become the third highest grossing film in Japan and the highest grossing Anime. I can understand that some maybe less known Japanese animated movies are not well known enough to end up under their radar, but this is not the case for this one.
    It’s arguably one of the best movies of the year, animated or not, while several other Japanese animated movies are of much better quality than all the ones nominated.
    Other movies I thought should have been considered:
    The Handmaiden

    1. I haven’t heard of Seriously, Your Name but i might have to look it up. And I’ve heard of the other two but haven’t seen them. Most of the time I never get to foreign language films and I know I’m probably missing out on some great movies.

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