My 2016 Complete Movie List: #120 – #111

Here are the movies that came in at #120 – #111 on my complete movie list for 2016. We’re getting through the rough patch (a.k.a. the bad movies) but, once again, there is a light at the end of the tunnel (a.k.a. the good movies).


120. Sully

Smh…for my thoughts on this terrible movie, listen to Leo B. Gyllenhaal Podcast – Ask Alexa/Worst Movies of 2016 (Episode 39)

119. Whisky Tango Foxtrotwtf6

To this movie’s credit, I fell asleep on a nice amount of it so if I actually watched the whole movie at full attention, it might have been higher on this list but such is life. The cast, led by Tina Fey, looked good but the oversees war setting isn’t usually appealing to me for some reason and that feeling didn’t change here. The movie just wasn’t working for me. It’s like it wasn’t set on being a comedy or a war movie so it nonchalantly leaned over to both sides and that didn’t work for me. C’mon Fey, you have to get back over to the positive side of your career. But like I said earlier, I wasn’t “awake” for the full movie so I might actually like the movie if I ever get around to watching the whole thing (but I highly doubt I’ll ever give it that second chance).

118. Free State of Jones

This movie starts out by instantly grabbing your attention with a brutal war battle scene but after the scene has passed, things get real dull with the violence that started things out occurring just sparingly. What we basically get for around 2 hours is a history lesson I wasn’t interested in before seeing the movie (mainly because I didn’t know it existed) and I’m still not interested now. The movie even ended like a history lesson; Things weren’t really wrapped up but instead just ended. Even though it was hard to at this point of the movie but I really had to pay attention to realize that things didn’t end on a good note for Newt (Matthew McConaughey) and company so he just moved away from the area he fought the whole movie for. Besides the movie playing out as if it was pulled from dull excerpt from a boring, dusty old textbook, I also didn’t like the inclusion of the side element of a member of Newts family and his court case. That part of the story wasn’t needed for us to know how cruel the world was at the time. The scenes just took up unwanted space. Lastly, McConaughey was good as his typical McConaughey self but it still wasn’t able to up the quality of the movie. Oh, and LASTLY lastly, why did they have to kill so many dogs within the first hour. I mean, it was only like a couple but still. There’s no need for all that animal death.

117. Tyler Perry’s BOO! A Madea Halloween

Did Tyler Perry really use the term ‘Thordorgeous’ (a term he clearly created) in the movie to describe a white guy with long hair? Maybe I was just hearing things because I was the only one taken aback by the weird creativity. But anyway, I have to say this movie was better than I expected because I thought the zombies and ghost we saw in the trailer were actual zombies and ghosts in the movie. Luckily that wasn’t the case and it was all just a joke that took place in the plot. I breathed a sigh of relief when I saw that. But with saying all that, the movie is a typical Tyler Perry comedy and if you’re not a fan of Madea then this isn’t for you; I fall under the category of people who this movie isn’t for. I’ve been over Perry and Madea’s style humor (yeah I just said that like they are two different people) for years but I did chuckle a FEW times. Perry as Joe (of course one of the bajillion characters he plays) was the funniest part of the movie if you want to pinpoint on a positive thing. There is a scene in Brian’s (Perry again) living room where Madea (Perry again) comes over that lasts waaaaay too long and contains sooooo many failed funny moments. That’s where my sickness for Madea’s humor can become agonizing. Lastly, the movie needed more of Bella Thorne even though I feel she shouldn’t have done this movie.

116. When the Bough Breaks

This is a glorified Lifetime movie and that’s not a good thing. It’s dramatic, over-the-top and makes you say, “Oh my gosh, that wouldn’t EVER happen.” I don’t see how it’s possible that Anna (Jaz Sinclair) was able to get away with every ridiculous thing she actually did and what was just spoken of during the movie. I know it’s a movie but geez. The editing and pacing of the movie was also a problem. I swear the movie accidentally left some scenes on the cutting room floor because the transition of Anna from being a little weird and innocent to be her true crazy self was abrupt and not smooth. When it comes to the end, I hated the cliffhanger for two reasons. First off, this type of movie should just stick to the generic ending where the cops come and the main characters, who are still living, are sitting in the back of ambulances and everything is OK. Nothing about this movie screams for it to try to be different. And second, I assume the worst of the potential outcomes based off the cliffhanger. I shouldn’t be assuming the worst for characters who just went through a lot of turmoil and we aren’t going to be getting a sequel so just verify the generic outcome I was expecting. The acting in the movie was whatever all around but Sinclair stuck out as clearly being the worse of the pack and I don’t care if this is her first major role. Also, Regina Hall was grossly underused and was ultimately deemed useless for much of the movie which is sad because the plot needs her character. Ultimately, this was a very dumb movie that was kind of entertaining because of all the dumbness BUT it was still trash because it was just too dumb. This movie should be lucky I didn’t use the term ‘hate’ since it decide it wanted to kill a cat. You know I don’t play that.

115. The Boss

Melissa McCarthy and her husband, Ben Falcone, NEED to stop making movies together. Two movies in and their working relationship has created some very bad material. Falcone has directed two movies: ‘The Boss’ and ‘Tammy’. He also wrote and produced those movies with McCarthy, who also starred in said movies. So if you haven’t realized it yet, based off those two movies, Falcone isn’t a good director or writer of comedy. McCarthy isn’t a good writer of comedy when she works with her husband so, again, they NEED to stop working together. ‘The Boss’ isn’t as awful as ‘Tammy’ but it still wasn’t good. The movie was funny at times but my first laugh came to far into the movie. The funniest part of the movie was Michelle’s (McCarthy) girl troop vs. the opposing girl scout’s street fight scene. Other than that, the funny just didn’t occur often. Specifically, there was a dumb unfunny third act and Peter Dinklage (who is proving he’s not funny in supposed comedies) was brutally unamusing (no matter how hard he tried) in his role. This is all sad because it seemed like McCarthy was trying her hardest to make something of the wack material but she just couldn’t overcome it. She still gets plenty of blame for this movie because she had a hand in it and she put herself in this situation.

114. 13 Hours: The Secret Soldiers of Benghazi

Here’s another movie that falls victim to being too slow and then not offering much when the tempo actually starts to ramp up. On the bright side, we got to watch a movie that wasn’t full of dull characters while things took its sweet time to get going. John Krasinski was able to show his acting skills and likability slightly during those moments but when the bullets start flying and things become harder to see thanks to the night time environment, he began to get lost in the fray. The emotional aspect of the story here also feels more forced than it should be. There are moments in the movie, like a scene where every soldier is shown talking to their families, that seemed forced in to make us care about the soldiers. It doesn’t work that well though because of the generic method used to evoke the emotion. At the end of the day, this is just another forgettable movie that is watchable because the interaction between the cast and the “OK” shooting scenes.

113. Pride and Prejudice and ZombieLily James;Bella Heathcote

I wasn’t feeling the old timey play vibe this movie has, even though it tries to be unique with the addition of zombies. The humor and action bring some entertainment to the flick but with a movie that is screaming to not take itself too seriously, it seems to do the opposite. Too much of the focus seemed to have went to the period piece love story instead of the zombies. Another movie that struggled to find its identity.

112. Alice Through the Looking Glass

After watching this sequel, I have a feeling that I don’t like ‘Alice in Wonderland’ as much as I did when it first came out. I don’t know if it’s an age thing or my taste improving but I feel like it’s something. Either way, I know this one is the worse of the two though. This one felt so rushed and it felt like it was made just to capitalize on all of its predecessor’s success (which doesn’t make sense because it shouldn’t have felt rushed since the first Alice flick came out in 2010 so the sequels story could have been perfected between then and now. And to capitalize off the first one’s success, the studio should have forced this movie out a lot sooner). Johnny Depp didn’t help matters as the Mad Hatter, who was just annoying. Depp, yet again, produced another L. Sasha Baron Cohen didn’t put his stamp on the movie, in a positive or negative way, and that is very unusual. Now onto the positives; the visuals were nice as expected and Helen Bonham Carter brought her entertaining oddball personality to the role of the Red Queen for our viewing pleasure. I think I’m going to start labeling her the female version of good Johnny Depp.

111. Assassin’s Creed

Welp, I’m glad we won’t be getting a sequel to this, thanks to it bombing at the box office, because it wasn’t good; plain and simple. I never played the video game so I didn’t know exactly what to expect from the story but I should have kept my expectations lower than they already were. The story wasn’t appealing and if it comes off better in the game then clearly it’s not one of those plots that can translate well to the big screen. The movie was overall sub-par but that story is the real problem. The directing was also a problem because nothing about the job done made anything POP! on the screen. It all looked dull and nothing about it was shot in a cool way. When it comes to the excellent on paper cast, they were just OK. If there were good performances, the movie made sure you didn’t notice them. But I will say that thanks to the fact that there was action, the movie wasn’t a complete drag. Yet another loss for video game adapted movies.


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