‘The Final Destination’: Top Kills List

I recently re-watched ‘The Final Destination’ (check out my quick review of it right here) and I just thought that I rank the kills in the movie from my least favorite to favorite since the kills are what the franchise is known for. I didn’t do any from the opening accident because I just didn’t want to count those and there were too many in that scene alone. So keep reading to find out which death scene was my favorite and excuse my awful scene title descriptions. When you’re done, feel free to let me know which death was your favorite (I know how twisted that sounds). I may get around to doing the other movies buuuuuut don’t hold me to it.

10. Tub Slams Cowboy Hat Guythe_final_destination_crawl
This kill was was fairly boring. Yes, it included a severely crippled man trying to escape a flooding hospital room but to me it still wasn’t creative; Especially in the ‘Final Destination’ world.

9. Movie Theater Explosion (Janet Dies)
I love going to the movies so I prefer not watching stuff where bad things happen while your there. So that’s really the only reason I have for it being in this position.
8. Racist Gets Dragged By Tow Truck Then Catches Fire
Seeing someone die by being burnt to death isn’t all that creative or fun to watch (as sick as that sounds) but the being dragged by the tow truck tries to add a spice to it.
7. Hunt’s Pool Deathfinald4pool
Seeing someone’s insides get sucked up into a pool is kind of gross but it’s still hard for me to see that happening ever. But hey why do I expect to see any sort of realistic stuff in this movie now.
6. George Gets Hit By An Ambulance
It’s a basic person get’s hit by a vehicle kill but its timing was unexpected the first time you watch it. Upon repeated viewing, you realize the camera movement makes it pretty obvious what is about to happen.
5. Andy’s Fence Death
When you’re in a mechanic shop (or whatever those places are called), you could see this movie going in any direction when it comes to a kill so I was surprised when a tank comes flying at someone, smashing him into a fence. Seeing the body get smushed through the fence was kind of cool too (as sick as that sounds).
4. Rock Through Mom’s Eyerockeye
I have a fear of something getting flung out of a lawnmower and hitting me so maybe that’s why I like this one. But even without that feeling, I just think it’s a pretty creative kill, especially after the scene was being set up as something going down by something in the beauty salon the mom, Samantha, was in.
3. Tire to the Head
Was the first death of those who walked out of the racetrack stands and was super quick with no elaborate setup but that doesn’t change the fact that it’s gruesome.
2. Premonition Escalator Death
This death technically didn’t count but I had to add it because it was still a good one. It was like that scene in many other movies where someone is slowly being lowered into like a fast spinning blade or something of the sorts but this time it involved an escalator and we all know some people are kind of freaked out by escalators.
1. Truck Hits 3 In A Cafehqdefault
This is my favorite kill of the movie because the way the scene switched over to x-ray vision and that made the impact each of our characters took look even more painful than it actually was (and they presumably all died). It was a cool way to end the movie.
Alright there’s my list, so now it’s your turn. Let me know which one was your favorite or just tell me how wrong my list is. Either way, lets have a nice conversation…or not. Whatever.
(Photo Credit: http://www.wikiwand.com/it/The_Final_Destination_3D; http://screenrant.com/final-destination-reviews-pauly-23498/; http://finaldestination.wikia.com/wiki/Samantha_Lane; https://i.ytimg.com/vi/uX-lZ7JTcbY/hqdefault.jpg)

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