My 2015 Complete Movie List: #39 – #30

Here are the movies that came in at #39 – #30 on my complete movie list for 2015. Why couldn’t I have moved at this speed, I don’t know, like at the beginning of the year smh.

39. The Duff

This was a predictable teen comedy but that doesn’t mean it wasn’t good. I liked how it really infused how dominant technology is into the movie to separate itself from all the other similar teen movies that came before it. ‘She’s All That’ kept coming to mind while I was watching it. Mae Whitman dominated the movie with her performance and her chemistry with Robbie Amell was entertaining to watch. I don’t like how the “villain” in the movie, Bella Thorne, is 17 (she was at the time I originally wrote this paragraph) while the other two actors are 26 in real life (they were when I originally wrote this paragraph). She was fine in the movie but they could of got someone closer to their age is all I’m saying. I also don’t like the term D.U.F.F. Before they explained in the movie that a D.U.F.F. doesn’t have to be fat, I was getting mad because Whitman is not fat at all so none of it was making sense but whatever.

38. The Wedding Ringer the-wedding-ringer-4

This isn’t Kevin Harts best movie but it was still funny and entertaining. The chemistry with him and Josh Gad ended up being better than I thought it would be. Gad, though, could have been a lot funnier especially when he was supposed to bring most of the comedy for the movie. The supporting characters were funny but weren’t hitting their marks like you would like from a movie that had the potential to be hilarious. With all that “hate” I just spewed, the movie still brought plenty of laughs. The second view really held up well so I gained more “like” for the movie because of it.

37. Mad Max: Fury Road

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36. While We’re Young

After watching this, I remembered that I used to be a big Ben Stiller fan. This movie definitely reminded me why I was a big fan of his. I still am a fan to this day but I missed some of his recent movies and I was perfectly fine with that. I’m glad I made it out to see this one. There were good performances throughout the cast, from Stiller, Naomi Watts, to Adam Driver. Speaking of Driver, he usually plays his characters with his natural weirdness vibe but it works and doesn’t feel already done every time I see his performances. I’m going to keep saying this but I can’t wait to see what how he does in ‘Star Wars: The Force Awakens’ (I wrote this before seeing how awesome he did in ‘The Force Awakens’). But back to the movie itself; great film that had laughs but was just a fun watch from start to finish.

35. Get Hard

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34. Vacation

This was a hard movie to place and I’m still not sure about where it is on the list but oh well. The movie was very funny but its story was pretty basic; a family goes on a vacation to a place and on the way there bad things happen. It tried to add some emotional stuff like marriage trouble but it didn’t really stick. The movie also wasn’t consistent. Early on, Rusty (Ed Helms) and his family are robbed of all their possessions they brought with them on the trip, even their money, but somehow they are able to still pay for gas in a car that constantly needs filled (as joked about in the movie), pay for hotels, and are seen in different clothes after all their clothes are stolen. Yeah they stop at the houses of family on the way but nothing about money being exchanged is brought up so I’m just saying. But back to the funny, this is definitely like a top three movie this year in regards to making me laugh. Helms, in the movie, made a reference to his son about protecting himself by scratching someone and that had me laughing for a good five minutes. The friends I watched it with kept looking at me, begging me to stop with their eyes. I don’t know why I thought it was hilarious but it was. There were also a couple scenes in the movie that used slow motion while being backed by some out of place music that were pretty funny as well. Charlie Day was a part of one of those scenes and his short time on screen  was one of the best parts of the hilarious movie. I honestly don’t remember if I saw all of ‘National Lampoons Vacation’ so I won’t even bother to compare it to that in any way.

33. Inside Out

This movie has the most interesting concept for a Pixar movie and it definitely had the most potential to be great. That is why I was really anticipating it. The end product was good but just didn’t live up to my lofty expectations. They great concept was used well but the “road trip esque” story-line included in it didn’t create the necessary fun to make it a greater film. Plus, the imaginary friend Bing Bong (voiced by Richard Kind) was super annoying to ME, so when he “vanished” I couldn’t have been happier. The best part of the movie came at the end when the movie jumped into the minds of other living things. The ending kind of went all ’22 Jump Street’ on us and gave us several joke sequels at the end of the movie without actually giving us those sequels in full movie form. The clear standout was when the movie jumped into the mind of a cat. It was spot on with how I’d imagine the inside of a cats mind would look like.

32. Jurassic World

Let me hate real quick: this movie is not good enough to dethrone ‘The Avengers’ as the highest grossing movie during an opening weekend (*at the time of writing this). I was shocked when I saw it made all that money in its first weekend. Did not know there were that many ‘Jurassic Park’ fans out there. Now even though I say that, I still give a lot of credit to Chris Pratt…King Chris Pratt! OK on to the actual movie. I felt the movie was enjoyable a lot of the time but uninteresting and slow at others. The action was fun to watch (especially in IMAX 3D) but was still missing something that would have took it over the top. I don’t know what it is but it just feels like something is missing there. Like the destructive finale battle; it was fun to watch but it needed an addition somewhere in it. King Chris Pratt was entertaining like he usually is but I wish he would of brought more humor to the role. Yeah, he then would start to be looked at as constantly playing the same type of character but I don’t care. Save the switch up for when you try out some dramatic roles. Bryce Dallas Howard was good (as the real star of the movie) and even though her chemistry with Pratt wasn’t exceptional or nothing, it was good enough to not be any sort of detriment to movie. On to Jake Johnson; I’m a fan of his but all this talk that he’s the comedy relief is a little overblown. He wasn’t really that funny in all his scenes. He gave me a laugh here and there but it wasn’t enough to stamp him as the films real comic relief. When it comes to the movie in its entirety, I feel there were a lot of unexplained things that didn’t make sense. One big one that threw me off was why that ride where the two boys (Ty Simpkins and Nick Robinson) were riding around in this see through ball let the riders’ control where they went. What sense does that make? The people behind the movie must have really wanted a way to make them able to end up in the middle of a bunch of dangerous dinosaurs. There were more things but I’m going to just leave it at that. Lastly, how is this movie a family film? An ugly looking dinosaur just goes around killing other dinosaurs for no reason, eating people, and then you got blood splattering all over glass; Doesn’t really seem “family friendly” to me.

31. Me and Earl and the Dying Girl landscape-1434576906-elm070115intel3-4-002

This was an interesting flick that was missing that “something” that would of took it over the top but it’s hard to put my finger on what that “something” is. Now, I enjoyed the cast for the most part. My girl Olivia Cooke was great as the dying girl and (and clearly dedicated with the shaving of the head and whatnot), Ronald Cyler II was cool and funny as Earl. When it comes to Thomas Mann as Me…I mean Greg, I have conflicting feelings about him. On one hand he’s funny and his performance does a good job of portraying his type of awkward character, but on the other hand his character is kind of annoying and makes you feel awkward while watching him. While watching the movie, I found myself liking the movie more because I liked his character and then quickly liking the movie less because of his character. I don’t know if it’s Mann’s fault or the script. Anyways, Alfonso Gomez-Rejon did a great job directing the movie. Whether it was the Claymation-type cutaways, the editing techniques or the angles he was using in his scenes, the movie brought entertainment from just those elements alone.

30. Entourage

I never watched an episode of the show so I was a little iffy on seeing the movie; especially since plenty of reviews were saying that if you never watched the show or didn’t like the show then the movie probably isn’t for you. But after watching the movie, I have to say that I disagree with those reviews. Yeah, if you watch the show, what the characters do in the movie probably has a different meaning to you because you know all the ways that they got to that point. But following the movie isn’t hard at all if you haven’t seen the show. The movie does a quick sum up of whats going on with the characters now and that’s basically all you need. Other than that, the movies basically a movie about friends working in the movie/entertainment industry and its pretty fun to watch. It’s fun, the characters aren’t the best but they aren’t distracting (in a bad way) to what you’re watching and the cameos come in plenty and are fun to watch more than they are poorly used or not funny. I will say that ‘Entourage’, the movie, felt like it could be an episode or two of ‘Entourage’, the show. If you’re going to make a show into a movie, try to make something that couldn’t necessarily be confused with being one of their slightly longer episodes.


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