My 2015 Complete Movie List: #69 – #60

Here are the movies that came in at #69 – #60 on my complete movie list for 2015. Yeah, I’ll probably finish this list by 2017.

69. Everest

What a great cast this movie had…and boy did they kind of waste it. I’m a big fan of Keira Knightly and Jake Gyllenhaal but their roles in this ensemble piece just didn’t do their talents justice. I would have liked to see Gyllenhaal have Jason Clarke‘s role just so he could have more screen time. But anyway, the movie kept the tension up of what the storm taking place on Everest would do to the crew next and I enjoyed that part but other than that the pacing was too slow for my liking. Like I said, it had good tension and solid all around performances by the cast but I think it relied on the scenery to carry the movie along with the true story vibe but that wasn’t the case (even though the movie did look nice though). Also, if the movie wasn’t based on a true story, there is no way I would have believed that Josh Brolin‘s character would have survived. NO WAY! You’re basically blind and you just’ve been laying in the freezing snow for a awhile and then you just wake back up and make it down the hill? Yeah right. But all praise goes to the real life version of the guy if that’s ACTUALLY what happened.

68. Grandma2015-08-24-1440389011-2024928-14-thumb

Man this movie was short. I’m used to animated movies being around the runtime of this movie. Anyway, this was a funny movie thanks to the great performance by Lily Tomlin. Other than that, I don’t think there was enough time in the movie for it to become more special to me. But all-in-all, it was still good and funny.

67. American Ultra

I don’t know why Topher Grace keeps playing villains (when he actually gets roles) but here he was entertaining and funny so it’s all good here. Side note: I kind of would like to see him play the Riddler in some type of Batman adaption, whether on TV or movie or voice work or whatever. OK back to the movie at hand, it was entertaining, funny and violent but it just could never take that next step to make it a great movie. Maybe if the movie was funnier, maybe if the interesting concept created a better story all the way through then it could have reached those great levels. But those things didn’t happen so what we get is a movie that left me disappointed.

66. The Visit

Congratulations M. Night Shyamalan for climbing out of your bed of mediocrity and FINALLY making another decent movie. I’m not going to get into the reasons for why this happened because this isn’t the place and I’ve already taken my sweet time getting through this list. I just want to throw a big congratulations Shyamalan’s way. Now with the movie, it was cool. It was entertaining thanks to the two kid leads in Becca (Olivia DeJonge) and Tyler (Ed Oxenbould) and the interesting concept of the grandparents (who aren’t ghost or anything) being the architects of the scares in the movie. The movie also had one of the more disrespectful scenes I’ve seen in a movie and that’s when a used diaper is shoved in someones face which caused me to die with laughter. But what brought the movie down is the like-hate relationship I had with Tyler and how he was very annoying a points in the movie, especially with his garbage rapping. The ending was also a let down because it brought forth a very predictable twist and that’s it. You can probably blame that on the PG-13 rating though.

65. Spotlight

This movie may have won an Oscar for Best Picture this year but that doesn’t mean I have to place it at the top of my list. It has a great cast, great performances, a serious (and disgusting) story that gets people talking after viewing it but it is just too slow for me. There is really nothing more I can say but TOOOOOO SLOOOOOOW.

64. Chi-Raq

I had a tough time rating this movie. It was almost lower on this list and it was almost higher. I want to give it props for its uniqueness but at the same time, those elements were kind of annoying. All the dialogue rhyming for the most part and being written in a poetic manner was different but it got annoying. The cast was good at times and bad at other. Nick Cannon was decent as the lead thug, Chi-Raq, but that’s Nick Cannon. I can NOT take him serious as a tough guy. And why was his character beefing with Wesley Snipes? That’s like beefing with your dad, c’mon. The message of the movie is something that is important but people probably won’t listen because this movie is one of the messengers. This is just one of the movies that needs to be seen because it can’t really be describe accurately. It’s just that….”interesting.”

63. Sisters

Man, I was disappointed in this comedy. I’m a fan of Tina Fey and Amy Poehler and I’m a big fan of them when they do stuff together. So I was really looking forward to this movie because I knew I was going to keep laughing constantly until my stomach started to hurt. What I got was a movie that was funny but felt very….confused about what it ultimately wanted to be. At times it seemed like it wanted to be a raunchy R-rated comedy and live up to its R R rating. At other times, it seemed like it wanted to cater to a wider audience and be a PG-13 style comedy. That confusion, in my opinion, seemed to effect the story because the story seemed very under developed. All-in-all, the movie was funny but I just expected more from such a great duo.

62. Daddy’s Home

Here we go with another disappointing comedy. Will Ferrell is one of favorite, if not my favorite, comedic actors and I’m a fan of Mark Wahlberg so I expected them teaming up again to produce a hilarious movie. What I got was another disappointment, just like their other movie together, ‘The Other Guys’. Once again, the movie was funny and was entertaining but I didn’t laugh no where near as much as I expected to and some dumb kid behind me kept kicking my chair so I was already being put into a bad mood. So maybe the movie was better than I’m giving it credit for and I’m just a grumpy dude thanks to dumb kids who like to kick their dumb feet and ruin peoples movie theater visit.

61. Ex-Machina EX-MACHINA-23

This was an interesting flick with a name that I’ve learned is so hard to pronounce by people. Very futuristic premise that was enjoyable even though nothing much felt like it was happening until the third act but it made you feel tense. I DO feel the potential wasn’t met but I DO feel that this is a movie you probably have to see twice to get the full gist of it. So my opinion of it might change if I can get around to doing that. One thing that won’t change is my feeling towards the random dance scene by Oscar Isaac’s Nathan. Clearly the best scene in the movie that has one of the best lines/comebacks I’ve heard in a while. If you see this movie, there’s definitely something that can be taken away from it and that is don’t disrespect technology no matter what it is.

60. Unfriended

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