Leo B. Gyllenhaal Podcast – Technical Difficulties (Episode 16)

Here is the 16th episode of the Leo B. Gyllenhaal Podcast! After another (long) hiatus, Sir Leo Archibald and Great Musical a.k.a. Pusha K a.k.a Joaquin Pennyworth are back to discuss a lot of what they missed out on over the last few weeks. That includes the ‘Black Panther’ castings, Tyrese possibly finding his way into ‘Transformers: The Last Knight’, the controversial new Power Rangers costumes, Simon Kinberg still showing faith in a potential ‘Fantastic Four’ sequel and more. Also, congratulations to  Michael B. Jordan for winner of the “Actor Counter” award for this episode. He is now 9 – 3-1, Leonardo DiCaprio is 3 – 9-1 and Jake Gyllenhaal is 0 – 13. Will Gyllenhaal finally take a home a victory next episode and have his name “naturally” mentioned the most by the two hosts? We’ll see but anyways, let your ears take a listen as they STILL work through the kinks and some severe rust. And as always, don’t forget to expect more unpreparedness, getting off topic, saying names incorrectly and constantly saying “um”, “yeah” and “ya know” between sentences. But don’t let that scare you. You should still listen and laugh with them or at them. Listen below and then comment below with your thoughts and/or suggestions on how we can improve or anything you would like for us to talk about.

P.S. Once again, check out The Great Musical’s ‘Action Figure EP’ right here. Listen and if you’re cool, you’ll support and buy it.

Hear more from the The Great Musical on SoundCloud right here.


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Leo B. Gyllenhaal Podcast – Technical Difficulties (Episode 16)

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