My 2015 Complete Movie List: #79 – #70

Here are the movies that came in at #79 – #70 on my complete movie list for 2015. Does anyone still care about what was going on in 2015?

79. The Green Inferno

Eli Roth constructed a graphic, poorly acted cinematic experience. The story starts out ridiculous and ends on a dumb note but between all that there was some funny moments (whether purposeful or not) and some entertaining graphic violence (to a sick person like myself) that made the movie not all that bad.

78. JoyJoy-2015-Movie-Wallpaper-36

I was very disappointed by this one. I’m a huge Jennifer Lawrence fan, especially when she does movies with David O. Russell and that is why this movie was a big letdown for me. Russell has had a streak of great movies and his last two with Lawrence have been the same so I expected the same for this time around but it didn’t happen. Lawrence did a great job once again and the script was pretty good but that wasn’t enough to carry this movie. The content that it was all set around just didn’t do enough keep my interest throughout. I mean, your movie has to be good if it’s basically about the struggles someone has to go through to get their mop invention off the ground. If anybody could make that good, I thought Russell and Lawrence could but I guess I was kind of mistaken. Once again, I was pretty exhausted when I watched this (I should probably stop watching movies so late at night) so I might not have taken everything in the way I would have if I was wide awake so I’ll probably try to watch it again since I have so much respect for the parties involved in this movie. Hopefully things get better during the second viewing.

77. Goosebumps

Read my review here.

76. Run All Night

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75. Terminator: Genisys

Ugh, I guess a new ‘Terminator’ franchise is not going to properly get off the ground. I wanted this go around to be the proper launching off point but unfortunately that wasn’t the case. ‘Terminator: Genisys’ wasn’t a bad movie (Emilia Clarke was a solid Sara Connor, in my opinion, and the action scenes showed potential) but it just seemed to give a half effort. The action scenes just didn’t seem like they were approached with much care. There was some cool scenes and effects but the filmmakers didn’t seem to focus much on making the action better and better. They seemed more focused on creating a confusing time traveling story. There’s so many elements of the story I could mention that hurt my brain when trying to piece the puzzling plot together but I’m not even going to get into it. Also, the final outcome of the movie proved that if all the major twists, like Jon Connor being the films villain, weren’t spoiled in the promotion, the viewing experience would have been much better and would have upped the quality of the movie. Oh, and Arnold Schwarzenegger brought his usual qualities to his return to the ‘Terminator’ franchise but it was nothing that could change the taste of disappointment the movie left in my mouth.

74. The Good Dinosaur

I have to say this is one of my least favorite Pixar flicks. Now, I haven’t seen them all, so maybe it would be slightly higher on my Pixar list if I have but I haven’t soooo….yeah. Anyways, in terms of their previous movies, it just wasn’t all that interesting to me. The visuals were great and the little animal child had his moments of funny but other than that, him and his dinosaur friend (I’m being too lazy to remember their names right now) didn’t really have that interesting of an adventure. And this movie was pretty brutal to be a kids movie (actually many kids movies have too much adult material to be kids movies). Animals constantly trying to kill this kid, animals drowning, drug like hallucinations and whatnot. OK, brutal might be a strong word but y’all get what I’m saying. Speaking of drowning though, in this movie dinosaurs got this weird fear of drowning but while watching it, I just kept thinking “Can’t they just stick their heads up above the water? I mean, they do have super long necks.” Maybe that’s just me being stupid but it’s a thought. I will say, though, for a movie I didn’t love, the end of the movie started making me feel all sappy and whatnot like I was going to shed a tear or something. I had no idea that was about to happen. Pixar movies might not be great 100% of the time but for some reason they still got ahold of my soft spot. It just makes no sense.

73. The Intern

This was a better movie watching experience than I expected. I was proclaiming this to be one of the boringest movies of the year, even with the two star leads, before it came out; But I was wrong. Robert DeNiro and Anne Hathaway had solid chemistry that made for an interesting pairing. The humor was light and friendly so even if it wasn’t that funny, I still cracked a slight smile and chuckled a little bit. What really hurt this movie was its run time. It was way too long. This clearly should have been about 96 minutes tops. There is one scene in particular that could have been removed and that was the unnecessary laptop stealing scene. Yeah it added humor but all-in-all it was, like I said, very unnecessary. Lastly, after watching this movie, I kept thinking to myself, I really don’t understand why a lot of people can’t stand Hathaway…I just had to add that.

72. Self/Less

This movie was cool. It was nothing special by any means but I didn’t feel my time was wasted at all. Now the idea was interesting but could have been developed better to benefit the movie. I mean, the way the movie played out, if the whole “shedding” thing was explained a little more, it would really make no sense. But some effort was put in so you got to give them that. Ryan Reynolds was his usual Ryan Reynolds self and I don’t know if that’s a good or bad thing for this movie in particular. It doesn’t really matter though because the movie won’t be that memorable.

71. Magic Mike XXL635714448311059659-XXX-MMXXL-05556-dcb

This plot-less movie was clearly made to show some attractive, buff guys (I mean if you like that type of thing) strip. I wasn’t really feeling all the stripping because that isn’t up my interests alley but I did look at the technique and say man that looks pretty difficult but they pulled it off with ease so congrats to them. Besides all the stripping, the movie was pretty entertaining. It was fun to watch some of those funny moments play out (like the scene where Joe Manganiello was doing this ridiculous strip performance to make a store clerk smile). But I don’t have much to say about this flick because it clearly isn’t meant for me but I will say that it was better than ‘Magic Mike’ because it took itself less seriously and it was better than I expected.

70. End of the Tour

What a very slow movie where nothing really happens besides two guys talking to each other, riding in cars with each other and oh yeah, walking next two each other. That description seems like I movie I wouldn’t really get down with but the dynamic between the two leads, Jason Segal and Jesse Eisenberg, made something that would seem unbearable actually good. It’s this far down on my list because there are still several other more entertaining movies that came out this year that I much rather watch but doesn’t mean this movie didn’t do a good job at what it intended to do. And that’s dive a little inside the head of acclaimed and troubled author, David Foster Wallace. Segal’s performance as the popular author was excellent. He did a great job capturing the subtle troubled nature of Wallace. The conversations between Segal and Eisenberg were also written well enough to keep this very simple and boring sounding concept up above boring waters.


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