My 2015 Complete Movie List: #89 – #80

Here are the movies that came in at #89 – #80 on my complete movie list for 2015. Wow it’s March and I’ve still barely made any dent in this list. So sad, I know.

89. The Loft

This movie wasn’t terrible like I expected it to be. I was able to find entertainment in it somehow. All that came crashing down when the twist came and then more afterwards. The twist was fine until what happened afterwards. I thought it was stupid for that to be the result of it (trying to actually not spoil anything even though people probably don’t care about this movie getting spoiled). And then the movie kept going and changing like it couldn’t decide how it wanted to end. That uncertainty really hurt the end result.

88. Taken 3

This franchise should have ended at one. Yes this installment is probably better than ‘Taken 2’ but it’s not by much. I will say that Liam Neeson, once again, brings it as tough guy/dad/husband Bryan Mills and is able to handle such a cool character with ease. The ending is solid because of a cool plane crash scene (Ooops Spoiler alert) and that fact that it makes the plot seem pretty decent after explaining it. I do have to say, though, that the twist that comes within the plot was very obvious and that hurt the movie. Another one of the movies flaws comes in the form of the directing. During the action scenes, so many unnecessary angles were used that it just came off as hard to look it but Olivier Megaton was probably just trying to use tricks to hide the fact that movie isn’t working with a big budget. Well too bad buddy because it backfire on you.

87. Unfinished Businessunfin

It seemed like whoever wrote this movie knew that they didn’t really have a good story. They just wanted to make a comedy. They were probably like “Ok I got a premise about a business trip that lasts longer than it should and funny stuff happens” and that was probably it because the story development wasn’t really there. It also tried to be heart felt like Vince Vaughn comedies are starting to be now-a-days. It would have been cool without that and just go for nothing but laughs. The movie was funny but it wasn’t as funny as it needed to be to make up for the awful story. Also, Dave Franco plays a very slow, mentally challenged ( or whatever the right term for it is) person who was either very annoying or funny. Not too sure how I feel about that.

86. Hitman: Agent 47

I never got around to seeing the first attempt to bring the ‘Hitman’ video game into the movie world. I mean, I borrowed the DVD from my brother and everything but it just sat on my DVD PLAYER for months so I guess it wasn’t meant to be. So since I didn’t see the first one, I really don’t have anything to compare this reboot to besides the game but I’m not going to do that. ‘Hitman: Agent 47’ was a cool little flick that had the violence and action I like but it did it all in such a manner that felt dull. I don’t know why but it seemed like it had exciting things to show but decided to do it all in the most uninteresting way possible. Since it did have the violence and action though (regardless of how it was delivered) it isn’t farther down on my list. I thought after I watched this movie that I would go back and want to watch the first ‘Hitman’ but that isn’t going to happen. The homie Paul Walker was originally supposed to star in this movie before his passing and I wonder would the filmmakers have tried harder if he was on board….hmmm….

85. Tomorrowland

Read my review here.

84. We Are Your Friends

I’m a little biased towards this movie because it has my boy Zacy-E (a.k.a. Zac Efron) in it. So his presence puts the movie higher on the list than it would have been otherwise.  The movie was a cool flick though. Not necessarily because of the story (since the story was pretty weak and almost had no legit plot. It was basically about Cole (Efron) finding his sound as a DJ and that wasn’t even at the forefront) but because of the vibe it gave off. You kind of were able to feel what it’s like to be a struggling artist trying to get noticed while hanging with your friends (and you all aren’t sure about where you going in your lives) and trying to get with the pretty girl…or something like that. Cole’s friends, though, were kind of annoying so the movie was more enjoyable when they weren’t around. Then when a “dramatic” death happens that has the group questioning where they’re going in life, the moment was rush through and wasn’t given enough time to have a legit impactful feel. Lastly, the directorial debut from Max from Catfish was positive from a directorial standpoint. Some elements and techniques he used were interesting and didn’t feel like any ol’ generic director directed it.

83. In The Heart of the Sea

I’ll be honest; I’ve never read ‘Moby Dick’ before. Luckily my schools never forced us to read it. But I say all that to say this, I went into this movie not knowing much about the story because I just never bothered to read up on it. So while watching the movie, I was given fresh entertainment seeing that big ol’ whale being a jerk and just destroying the ship and the causing havoc for the crew when they were on the little boats or whatever they’re called. That was funny but that was probably the most entertaining parts of the movie. It was a great looking movie and the acting was cool, led by Thor himself (Chris Hemsworth) and future Spider-Man himself (Tom Holland), but it just struggled to be more than that. Maybe it’s a story that is best told in books and not on the screen. I mean I probably would enjoy this movie way more than I would the book but that’s just me.

82. The Last Witch Hunter

Vin Diesel really thought this was going to be a full blown franchise hahaha. Sorry I had to get that out the way with. Anyways, the movie wasn’t bad but it was just another one of those forgettable movies that you’ll see, walk out the theater and then almost forget everything that you just watched. I didn’t feel like my time was wasted or anything but yet another nice try for Mark Sinclair (Mr. Diesel) to try to start another action franchise. Maybe he’ll be able to force out a few more sequels so the quality entries can start popping up.

81. KrampusKrampusHeader

I should probably disqualify myself from this one because I might have fell asleep for about 30% of the movie…but I won’t because I think I saw enough to give my opinion. It started out funny and odd in a cool way but then when Krampus and his minions started causing havoc, it just became dumber than I expected. I was picturing a holiday cult classic in the making but I didn’t get that. Also, I was expecting better kills, even for a PG-13 movie but whenever I would wake up from my nap, all I saw was people getting dragged under the snow. Come on Krampus, you look too creepy to pull off some weak kills. I do want to watch it again to see if I actually missed as much as I thought. I probably didn’t though but whatever.

80. Concussion

Let me start off by saying that here is yet another movie I fell asleep on (just about 15% – 20% of it probably). So my opinion for this might not be how I actually feel if I was to have seen the whole movie. But anyways, I wasn’t really feeling this movie that much. I know concussions in football are very serious but seeing a movie that deals with just the process of learning about concussions and the effects they have on players just isn’t that interesting to me. Or this movie just showed it in some of the most uninteresting ways possible. But it did have its moments and my man Will Smith did a great job to top it all off. When the trailer first dropped, I couldn’t stop laughing at his accent and I thought I wouldn’t be able to take him serious once I actually watched the movie but I was wrong. Once the movie got going, I completely lost focused of his voice and just started paying attention to his performance…or maybe I was too tired to laugh at the accent, I’m not sure.


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