My 2015 Complete Movie List: #99 – #90

Here are the movies that came in at #99 – #90 on my complete movie list for 2015. And yes I realize it’s already the end February and I’ve barely gotten through any of this list. Sad, I know.

99. The Secret in Their Eyes

I kind of felt tricked by this movie. I thought I was going to be seeing something in the realm of ‘Prisoners’ but what I saw was far from that. It might be my fault because I’ve never seen the original but based off what critics have said, this wasn’t a good representation of the original so maybe it’s not my fault. Whoever’s fault it is doesn’t change the fact that the movie was a letdown with its solid cast. One thing I really didn’t like about the movie was the back and forth from the past and the present the movie kept switching through. Whatever little steam the movie tried to gain kept being interrupted by the constant time frame switching. I will say that the end did have an interesting twist that was probably the best part of the movie.

98. Aloha

Read my review here.

97. The Transporter Refueledthe-transporter-refueled

Here is another case of a movie that has the action and whatnot but is still dull. I just can’t figure out why that is. It’s probably because the characters and plot aren’t really anything to remember. But still if the action is somewhat entertaining, the movie should be higher up on the list. Unfortunately this movie is just…dull. Also, I’m not a diehard Jason Statham fan or anything but at least he always gives off that tough guy bravado and his replacement, Ed Skrein, just doesn’t give off the same vibe and it’s not even close. The franchise thought it refueled and was ready for another three flicks but the gas must have been…um…stale or something because the movie immediately stalled out the gate. P.S. this franchise should have stopped after the first one.

96. Love the Coopers

This was a real bland movie. It wasn’t terrible but it didn’t do anything memorable. The best part about it was that Olivia Wilde was in it. Other than that and the other respectable cast members, there really isn’t much worth noting about this movie. Yeah it had some laughs here and there but that’s about it. I was annoyed by the reveal of who is actually narrating the movie too. I don’t know why it bothered me so much but it did. It was just a pointless addition to the movie but whatever.

95. The Gallows

This movie has very few characters in it but boy were they awful and annoying. Their personalities, from jump, were terrible. I can’t remember the last time I sat in a movie and from the very beginning couldn’t stand the characters I was going to be taking this theatrical ride with. Thank the lord this movie was just about 80 minutes because if it was any longer, I wouldn’t be able to take it. I think the short running time is one of the perks of the movie. Along with a tense environment it created at times (even though, of course, it wasn’t scary) and the twist ending that made it more than just a “scary” movie where the characters get knocked off one by one until the credits roll. But remember, the movie isn’t good and I’m wondering why it came out in the summer. This screams January release.

94. The Perfect Guy

This was one of those typical “girl meets guy and thinks he’s great but then realizes he’s crazy and he then proceeds to ruin her life until a final deadly confrontation” movies. But I will give it some credit. It was one of those weak movies that ends up being more entertaining than it should be. A big reason for that is my main man Michael Ealy. He portrayed one of the best villains of the year. YEAH I SAID IT! He played a psycho in such a laid back manner with some of the scariest facial expressions I’ve ever seen. OK maybe I’m being slightly dramatic there but I seriously do believe he did a great job in the movie. Also, his character was a lot more deadly and ruthless than I expected him to be and that gives his character extra points.

93. The Overnight

This is going to be a forgettable comedy when it all comes down to it. I wouldn’t even classify it as a straight-up comedy because it didn’t seem to try to be funny that much…but if it was trying, it did a pretty bad job. But I did laugh at a few moments but nothing tear up or stomach hurting worthy by any means but whatever. The storyline was sort of interesting but never made that next step. It felt like this movie played out like just a part of another story that would be in another movie (if that makes any sense). Thank goodness this movie was short (I believe 80 minutes) because if it was any longer, it would find itself even lower on this list. You got these two couples that spend a weird night together and things keep getting strange for an unknown reason. When you find out the reason at the end, it just comes and goes like it was pointless reveal and then things take a turn and get even weirder before the movie eventually ends. I do like the cast but the plot really needed to be fleshed out a lot more before it was thrown in front of some cameras.

92. Pixels

I like Adam Sandler but this movie was pretty weak. The idea is an interesting one but it just couldn’t live up to its potential. Maybe if the the story was worked on then it would have gotten closer to reaching that potential. I mean geez, the story and its development was terrible. How Josh Gad’s Ludlow found out about the attacks was ridiculous, the reason for why the aliens came down in the form of old games was stupid, how easily the world accepted that it was being attacked by old games was stupid, and the movies resolution sequence was very underwhelming. It didn’t seem climatic at all or maybe I was drifting off into sleep and wasn’t paying close attention. But anyways, my girl Ashley Benson should feel so disrespected because she couldn’t even say one word in the movie. The movie did have some cool visuals though, but it didn’t use the 3D that well which was a disappointment. This movie should have at least had some cool 3D. On another positive note, the movie was funny thanks to Sandler and Gad. It wasn’t funny throughout but I laughed. Peter Dinklage’s Eddie was pretty annoying. You could tell Dinklage’s good acting skills was clashing with his bad character and the outcome was very unsettling. That gross mullet probably didn’t help either. Now I get this movie isn’t honing its hat on anything but being a cool looking good time but the other stuff it wasn’t worrying about were just too bad to pay attention to. On top of that, action scenes might of looked cool but played out in such a bland way.

91. No Escapeno-escape-owen-wilson

I was surprised this Owen Wilson lead vehicle wasn’t atrocious. Yes, it came and went without leaving a dent in the minds of film lovers everywhere but it still wasn’t atrocious. It wasn’t good by any means but that’s OK because I expected a lot worse. I didn’t see any marketing for it beforehand (personally) so I just assumed that was for a good reason. But when Wilson and his family began to try escape from the dangerous rebels that were continuously on their heels, I wasn’t completely bored. I was getting super annoyed, though, at the children though because they didn’t realize the dangerous situation they were in. One wanted to go back and get their stuffed animal while being chased down by gun-totting rebels. Kids can be the worse sometimes, I’m just saying. After the first half finally got going, it became pretty stale for the rest of the running time. Like I said earlier, I was just glad it didn’t feel like the whole movie was a complete waste of time.

90. Monkey Kingdom*

I feel like I haven’t seen a documentary in forever before I watched this. It’s not that I don’t enjoy them’ I just don’t go out and try to find them for whatever reason. Anyways, the child in me enjoyed the doc. I find the actions of animals to be humorous and that was no different with all the monkeys included in front of the camera this time around. I enjoyed the story the filmmakers were able to put together (even though it was very generic, of course). It must take a lot of focus being payed on those monkeys to come up with a story that makes sense. Also, Tina Fey’s narration was great. She was funny (like always) and she was making comments that I was making while watching the movie so I felt like we were on the same wave length somehow. Now the doc. is this low on the list because although it was a fun time, it still wasn’t as entertaining to me as watching a lot of other movies can be. I mean, it took watching monkeys live life as far as it could go. It also lasted a little too long for me too. Yes, it was already really short but still, it needed to be a tad bit shorter. But I still can’t believe that all those animals let those people with cameras get as close to them as they did. That’s pretty cool and kind of unbelievable at the same time. I just don’t believe that the tiger in the movie just walked past them and did nothing. Some more behind the scenes stuff for this doc. would be cool to see.

*Only documentary on the list


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