My 2015 Complete Movie List: #109 – #100

Time to get back to this list (which might go well into April at the rate I’m going). Here are the movies that came in at #109 – #100 on my complete movie list for 2015. We’re getting through the rough patch (a.k.a. the bad movies) but, once again, there is a light at the end of the tunnel (a.k.a. the good movies).

109. Sinister 2

The goose bump chills that could have been create from ‘Sinister’ went out the window for the sequel. Almost everything about this sequel was a stepdown from its predecessor. It wasn’t creepy like the last one, the creepy villain (Bugol) wasn’t used in the creepy manner he was used in the last one, the cast was worse than the last one, the story was worse than the last one and the creepy home movies in this one weren’t as…uh…creepy as they were in the last one. Blumhouse Productions is very up and down with their movies and clearly this was one of their downs. This company makes it clear that they’ll do anything that smells of potential profit but I don’t blame them. You gotta make that MONEY! But anyways, yeah this movie just wasn’t good and it ended the same way ‘Insidious: Chapter 3’ ended which wasn’t cool.

108. The Man from U.N.C.L.E.the-man-from-uncle

The movie started out like it would be an interesting with a cool and cleverly shot car sequence to start things out but things went downhill from there. This turned out to be the one of the most uninteresting spy movies I’ve seen. Cool spy methods came little and far between, there was barely any action and it included a story that was either hard to follow or just boring. The overall weak product that was delivered basically ruined the good, funny chemistry Henry Cavill and Armie Hammer had, Guy Ritchie‘s solid directing, the noticeable score and Alicia Vikander presence.

107. Fantastic Four

Ughhhhhh…….I really don’t feel like explaining my sheer disappointment in this abomination. I could talk about the no action that was going on except for at the end, the rushed “climatic battle”, the poor CGI used in that shall-not-be-named dimension, the poor story pacing and….OK I’m going to stop right there because I’m getting depressed all over again. Thank the lord that Michael B. Jordan followed this garbage up with ‘Creed’.

106. Our Brand is Crisis

This movie just wasn’t for me and it wasn’t meant to be. I mean the plot alone bores me. I’m not into politics at all so a movie that approaches it in a very bland way probably won’t peak my interest. But hey, as you can see it wasn’t the worst thing I seen for the year and the cast did what they could with such boring material so you got to give them their credit at least.

105. Victor Frankenstein

This movie had an interesting start but just went downhill afterwards. The leads in James McAvoy and Daniel Radcliffe were solid in their parts but couldn’t do much with what they were given. Max Landis hasn’t really done that well after writing a great movie like ‘Chronicle’ (neither has the director of the movie but we aren’t going to get into that here) and that’s pretty disappointing. Also, I know that the Frankenstein monster wasn’t the focal point in this story but you still shouldn’t bring him in at the end and rush him out, on top of handling him so poorly. But like I hinted earlier, the movie had its moments, the leads do what they can but ultimately it’s just a very forgettable viewing.

104. Pan

This movie looked like a complete joke to me after I watched the trailer for the first time. It just screamed of wack and whacky and just not good. However you want to describe it, it just didn’t look good. Also, I’m not really a fan of the Peter Pan story (for no particular reason) so that probably played into my initial feelings. But the movie wasn’t as awful as I expected. I mean it wasn’t great or even good but it wasn’t atrocious. Yeah it still wreaked of ridiculous but it did have it’s moments where you say to yourself “Eh that wasn’t boring to watch.” All in all, this movie still shouldn’t have been made for the amount of money it was made for with the tone it decided to go with, Hugh Jackman was over-the-top (and not in a good way) as Blackbeard and Amanda Seyfried shouldn’t have done this movie because she was barely used at all.

103. Age of Adaline

This movie wasn’t bad; it just wasn’t my cup of tea. It clearly wasn’t made for someone with my interests and that’s all good. Not much I want to say about it besides the fact that the ending was stupid. The movie felt it had to resolve Adaline’s (Blake Lively) ability to not age but they did it in a way that was a complete reach. The movie went from a love story to a science documentary that was too smart and confusing for people who even like hearing about mind numbing stuff like that.

102. Paper Towns

This movie just wasn’t for me. I didn’t like John Green’s other book turned movie, ‘The Fault in Our Stars’ so it shouldn’t be no surprise to hear. The movie had its moments, like the road trip to New York or some of scenes during Quentin (Nat Wolff) and Margo’s (Cara Delevingne) beginning of the movie night shenanigans, but in all I just couldn’t fully mess with it. Wasn’t really feeling Wolff too much in the movie (glad he wasn’t chosen to play Spider-Man) and Delevingne did good (looking forward to what she does in a good looking movie like ‘Suicide Squad’) but I wasn’t feeling her character. That girl would not peer pressure me in to doing all that stuff or give me the feeling like I should go searching far and wide for her. The end resolution of Quentin’s search wasn’t a satisfying outcome but that’s probably because the search wasn’t all that interesting too.

101. The Poltergeist (2015)poltergeist3-xlarge

The trailer tricked me. I thought I was going to see an interesting horror flick that used some cool effects and colors that I wasn’t used to seeing in scary movies so I thought it would all work and the movie would be fresh and…good. But I was wrong. When the movie was in production, it was said to be a family movie and that it was. The whole family vibe was pretty wack to me. More was put on the emotions between the family than it was on the horror vibe. It’s perfectly fine to try to get the audience to have an emotional connection to the characters but don’t fail at that and forget to make your SCARY movie a tad bit SCARY. I don’t get scared at movies but this movie didn’t even give off any sort of tense or creepy vibe. I’m a fan of Sam Rockwell and he brought his usual personality to this flick but I feel like he wasn’t given much to do after his daughter taken away by her closet friends. And him and his wife in the movie were pretty bad parents. They didn’t really seem to care that their child somehow got attacked by a tree and didn’t seem too freaked out that they were talking to their child who was “inside the TV.” They acted like people who knew they were in a movie and were just trying to move the story along. Ok let me say something good about the movie because it wasn’t awful, it was just OK. Alright here I go: It always felt like there was something going on so it wasn’t slow, had some funny moments and it had some cool looking effects. Bam!! I did it.

100. Crimson Peak

The promotion for this movie completely portrayed it as something completely different. I thought I was going to watch a Guillermo del Toro style horror movie but that wasn’t the case. What we got was a wack  del Toro style film that dealt with an appealing production design, terribly slow pacing and some nasty in family love going on. But there was barely any sense of horror. There was a just a gothic vibe and that doesn’t always mean scary to me. So yeah, no thanks. What a waste of a great cast.

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