‘I See Movie’ of the Week WINNER: ‘The Peanuts Movie’ vs. ‘Spectre’

In the 24th match-up for the ‘I See Movie’ of the Week poll, ‘The Peanuts Movie’ and ‘Spectre’. battled it out in this weeks match-up. The results are in! So which movie did you all choose as the go-to viewing for the week? Find out which one is the winner below, as well as my personal pick.

‘I See Movie’ Pick: ‘Spectre’

This was an easy one. I wasn’t a big fan of the James Bond movies before Daniel Craig took over the iconic role (well I was, you know, either super young or not alive when the other era of Bond movies came out so…). But I am now because I have been very impressed at how Craig has approached the role and on top of that, his Bond movies have shown to be action-packed which is always fine with me. Not saying the other ones weren’t but hey, I haven’t seen a lot of them. Anyways, ‘Skyfall’ was probably Craig’s best Bond movie so I’m really looking forward how him and director Sam Mendes follow up that greatness.

Readers Pick: ‘The Peanuts Movie’ (100% of the votes)


Um…I kind of confused by this. I really didn’t expect ‘The Peanuts Movie’ to win this battle but I REALLY didn’t expect it to win unanimously. What is with all these unanimous victories lately? It’s really getting weird but this one was just very weird…and unexpected. I guess I was only able to reach reach Peanuts fans and completely missed the Bond fans. But anyways, I’ll be adding a ‘The Peanuts Movie’ review to the list of all the movies I said I’ll write reviews for. Don’t worry, they’re coming in the (near or not so near) future.

For next week, the boring stick starts swinging away as three movies with little intrigue will duke it out with those three movies being ‘The 33’, ‘Love the Coopers’ and ‘My All American’.


Previous Winners: Click Here!

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