‘I See Movie’ of the Week: Continue Year-Round or Summer Only?

UPDATE: Voting is Closed!

Last week’s ‘I See Movie’ of the Week match-up saw ‘No Escape’ easily take the victory and foreshadow the fact the people around the world really weren’t trying to see ‘We Are Your Friends’. I was surprised that ‘No Escape’ won the match-up unanimously but I was even more surprised that ‘We Are Your Friends’ stunk it up at the box office so badly. It couldn’t even get in the top ten over the weekend or make $2 million! Dang Zac Efron, what’s going with your star power?!

Now, as I stated previously, there will not be a match-up this week because I have a  question for you all: Should I continue on with the ‘I See Movie’ of the Week poll and make it year round or should it just be a summer thing? I enjoy doing the polls each week and I’m happy with the turnout it gets but I’m not sure if it should be something I do every week or just keep it going during the summer. I went with the summer originally because it’s always a fun time and a popular movie season of course since there’s almost always multiple options to split movie goers every week. The rest of the year offers more and more interesting looking movies as the years move forward (especially the fall going into the winter) but there are down weeks where we’ll probably only get one interesting looking movie or maybe even none. So that’s why I had to pose this question to you: Should I continue on with the ‘I See Movie’ of the Week poll and make it year round or should it just be a summer thing? Please vote below with your choice and comment on why you chose the one you did. Based on what the majority chooses, the decision will be revealed Friday, September 11th (uh oh, I should change the date because we all know nothing good comes from that day…except for the fact that it’s actually my cat Stewie’s birthday so yeah I’ma keep the date).



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