‘I See Movie’ of the Week: ‘No Escape’ vs. ‘We Are Your Friends’

UPDATE: Voting is Closed!

Last week’s ‘I See Movie’ of the Week match-up saw ‘American Ultra’ take out its other two opponents to capture the victory. It didn’t win where it truly matters though which is at the box office as it came in behind the other two participating movies (a.k.a. losers). It was the best movie of the three in MY opinion so I guess that’s something.

Now on to the week 16 match-up. This week, we get a battle that might go down as the boringest (yeah my grammar might not be correct but it’s all good) battle in the ‘I See Movie’ of the Week history books. That shouldn’t turn you off though, I’m just trying to keep it real. Anyways, if I haven’t made you exit out this page then we can move forward. So this week, the poorly/barely marketed ‘No Escape’ will go up against my boy Zacy-E’s (or Zac Efron to those of you who don’t know) flick, ‘We Are Your Friends’. Will those who…um…like Owen Wilson vote for ‘No Escape’? Will those who love to see that boy Zacy-E on screen vote for ‘We Are Your Friends’?  Please vote below with your choice and comment on why you chose the one you did. My choice and the readers choice will be revealed Friday, August 28th. The winner (more specifically, the readers pick) will (eventually) get a review from yours truly.


(Photo Credit: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/No_Escape_(2015_film);



2 thoughts on “‘I See Movie’ of the Week: ‘No Escape’ vs. ‘We Are Your Friends’

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  1. I voted No Escape. Even though both are questionable, No Escape at least has 69% on Rotten Tomatoes, while We are Your Friends has 0%. Which is a shame, since Zac Efron’s the greater part of the sum.

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