‘I See Movie’ of the Week: ‘Fantastic Four’ vs. ‘The Gift’ vs. ‘Ricki and the Flash’ vs. ‘Shaun the Sheep Movie’

UPDATE: Voting is Closed!

Last week’s ‘I See Movie’ of the Week match-up saw two movies, in ‘Mission: Impossible – Rogue Nation’ and ‘Vacation’, battle it out. ‘Rogue Nation’ took the victory here and at the box office. It’s well deserved for a great movie in a surging franchise that’s five movies in with talks of a sixth already happening.

Now on to the week 13 match-up. This week, we get our first FOUR movie showdown. Yep, things are about to get real interesting!…or maybe not. We’ll see. Well anyway, one of the most talked about and controversial movies (mind you, it hasn’t even dropped yet of course) to drop this year, in ‘Fantastic Four’, will go up against a movie that got called the best directorial debut by an actor since Ben Affleck‘s ‘Gone Baby Gone’ in a review I read at Comingsoon.net, in ‘The Gift’. Those two movies will go up against a movie that looks like a ‘Nah’ to me, in ‘Ricki and the Flash’, as well as an animated movie I honestly think I haven’t seen any promo for, in ‘Shaun the Sheep Movie’. Will those who’ve been hating on ‘Fantastic Four’ ever since my boy Michael B. Jordan was cast as the Johnny Storm/Human Torch vote for the movie they’ve had so much to say for the past year (or however long it’s been) or will those who want to see how Joel Edgerton does in his directorial debut vote for ‘The Gift’…or will those who love Meryl Streep vote for ‘Ricki and the Flash’….OR will those who…uh…like animated movies about sheep vote for ”Shaun the Sheep Movie’. Please vote below with your choice and comment on why you chose the one you did. My choice and the readers choice will be revealed Friday, August 7th. The winner (more specifically, the readers pick) will (eventually) get a review from yours truly.


(Photo Credit: http://ia.media-imdb.com/images/

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