‘Dope’ Review

I know during the sixth match-up of the ‘I See Movie’ of the Week poll, ‘Dope’ lost to ‘Inside Out’. So since that happened, I know I’m suppose to write a review for ‘Inside Out’. I’m still going to write it but I had to write a review of ‘Dope’ for another outlet called FlyPaper Magazine. Click on the name and check out what’s all going on over there. Also, I’ll be writing more content for the site so keep checking back there to see what’s new. If you miss it over there, don’t worry (because I know you were for a second there), I’ll be linking over there, to whatever review I write, from here.

So all you lovely individuals who voted for ‘Inside Out’ a few weeks ago, don’t worry a review for it is coming in the future so keep checking back to see when it’s up. Anyways, clink on the link below to read my review of ‘Dope’.

‘Dope’ Review


(Photo Credit: Open Road Films/”Dope”)

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