‘Mad Max: Fury Road’ Review

First Words

I wasn’t really excited to see ‘Mad Max: Fury Road’ when it finally got its release date and when trailers started to release for it. It just looked like an action movie that could turn out to be good to me. Also, I haven’t really followed the ‘Mad Max’ franchise so it hasn’t been a movie I’ve been longing for. But when I heard all the glowing reviews for it (talking about how it’s the best blockbuster since forever, the best action movie in a million years, the best movie of the year, it should be up for an Oscar for Best Picture and blah blah blah), I was like I got to see this movie now. I kind of can’t wait to see it now because it must be a great movie. I should love it, right? I mean I haven’t heard a reaction to a movie like this since…well right now I can’t remember when. So it finally dropped and I got to see it and….


Taking place in nothing but a vast desert area and where you can kind of tell that human civilization has…uh…kind of went through some changes, Max Rockatansky (Tom Hardy) and Imperator Furiosa (Charlize Theron) team up to outrun Immortan Joe (Hugh Keays-Byrne) and his relentless henchmen/followers/psychos (and maybe put an end to his rein. you never know. you’re just going to have to find out…unless you already seen the movie). Now mind you, Max  escaped from Joe’s team and Furiosa stole from Mr. Joe so he might have a good reason to track them down but whatever…

Yeah, I Liked That

The action in ‘Mad Max: Fury Road’ is the main calling card for the movie. Although I enjoyed the action in a few other movies to come out so far this year, what ‘Fury Road’ did was unique for the current big action movies we’re used to getting lately. This movie went with lots of practical effects to pull off all of its action scenes which, like I just mentioned, is a nice change of pace for what we’ve been used to seeing lately. The big, epic movies we usually see now use lots of CGI, which is fine with me (as long it doesn’t look super obvious and the characters taking part in the action just look so fake when they’re flying from buildings or something and then go back to looking human when they’re just chillin’ with their feet firmly on the ground), but seeing how cool practical effects can be used is a welcomed switch up. With practical effects comes some hard to pull off looking stunts and the audience is shown that in excess with the first chase down of Furiosa by Immortan Joe and his league of followers. And that’s just the beginning. You get that type of raw action throughout the rest of the movie as Max and Furiosa try to escape the clutches of their trailers. You even get a scene where a bunch of weirdos are doing jumps on their bikes while throwing bombs and then, in turn, getting shot off their bikes in mid air. I would love to see how those stunts were actually pulled off.

The stunts and practical effects used in the action scenes weren’t the only thing that made the scenes enjoyable. If you look at the beginning of the movie where Max is trying to escape, the thing that makes that scene entertaining (besides the fighting and whatnot) is its frantic feel. The way director George Miller styled that scene gives you the feel of how badly Max wanted to escape and its clear the scene is better that way. The score also helped as well (as it did throughout the rest of the movie). Moving farther into the movie when Max first approaches Furiosa, and the five wives she has apart of her crew, you also get to see more of that frantic style used so well. In that scene Max is strapped with a chain-like harness attached to his face (if that description makes a lick of sense to anybody) so when he starts fighting Furiosa and the wives, the franticness seems like it’s trying to give off Max’s movements are being restrained in a way. However you want to describe it, the scene is pretty sweat. And all your action isn’t complete with out a little background performance….or at least that’s what the psychos living in this ‘Mad Max’ world thought.5e25da37-61d7-44fd-a9a3-b2f5b8b5a791-620x372 It seemed like whenever Immortan Joe an his flunkies would roll on up, there was this guy standing on the front of one of the rigs, jamming out on guitar that was part flamethrower while wearing a bright red onesie. It can’t be denied, though, that he was pretty awesome with all the random and unecessariness his presence brought to the table.

Yeah, I Didn’t Like That

I’m probably about to sound like a hater but this is the part of the review I’ve been waiting for. Time to talk about why ‘Mad Max: Fury Road’ is one of the most OVERRATED movies I’ve come across in some time. Yeah it might of sounded like I was drooling over the movie a little bit earlier but I probably was just accidentally getting re-sucked up into the hype. The action is the best part of the movie (as I have already explained) but it is not the best action I’ve seen in a movie in awhile or from a big ol’ blockbuster flick. I mean jeez, ‘Avengers: Age of Ultron’ and ‘Furious 7’ had better action to me this year alone. Yes, ‘Fury Road’ used more practical effects than those movies but as long as the action looks good, is cool and fun then, ultimately, what does it matter. The action scenes didn’t even live up to there potential anyway. Based off the raving reviews it was getting, I was waiting for the “it” moment during each one of those scenes so I could understand why everyone would basically sell their unborn child to see it again. Those moments never arrived and I was looking around thinking to myself, “Did I miss something?” The action in the first act all the way to the last act was fun but just didn’t live up to what it could of been.

Another thing that people hyped up so much was the characters in the movie; The main one being Furiosa. Peoplefuriosa seemed to love that a women character in an epic movie like this was, again (finally), given the opportunity to play a cool, tough renegade and pull it off so well. I thought she was cool but I wasn’t blown away by anything but I guess I wasn’t looking too deep into it. Honestly, I think viewers loved her character so much because she was one of the few people, in the movie, who was easy to understand. I mean Max barely said anything and just grunted a lot, Nux (Nicholas Hoult) spoke a bunch of gibberish whenever he spoke and that was just the two most noticeable ones. So if I can hear you speak clearly every-time you’re on the screen, compared to your costars, then I would love you too. So good job Theron. OK, back to Max. He was a cool tough guy but, again, nothing special there. I’ve seen Hardy play better roles so I really don’t know what I’m not seeing.

Before I end my abridged “Fury Road is OVERRATED” stance, I have to say that I might feel the same way, what seems like, everyone else in the world feels about this movie if they would of shown some violence or some blood or something. I know that probably sounds sick or dumb but I can’t help it. A lot of those scenes were asking for blood to splatter everywhere. For some sick reason, I like when my action mixes with some gruesome stuff so I feel like ‘Fury Road’ would of been more entertaining if that is what happened. I wouldn’t be suggesting this though if that action reached its potential but what can you do. I’m pretty sure I’m one of the only people who feels this way but it’s all good.

Last Words

Don’t get me wrong, ‘Mad Max: Fury Road’ is a good, entertaining movie but it isn’t the greatest thing to touch the screen in the last several years like people out there will try to make you think (unless you’re reading this and you’re one of those people then just change the end of that statement to “…like you probably think). I honestly think that if it wasn’t so over hyped, I would of enjoyed it for what it was and liked it a lot more. Maybe I should chill on reading reviews before I watch movies….sike!

RATING: Would Accept as a Gift


P.S. Once again here is my rating scale. There are four different levels. Below is each level in order from best to worse and what each one means.

Must Own = A movie that is so good that I must add it to my Blu-ray collection when it comes out.

Would Accept as a Gift = I enjoyed the movie but don’t necessarily have to buy it (especially if I don’t have the funds to) myself but I would take it if someone bought it for me.

Might Rent = A movie that if I have the urge to watch again then I’ll just rent it from somewhere or Netflix it.

Never See Again = Very simple. I don’t want to ever see this movie again.


(Photo Credit: Ben Child – http://www.theguardian.com/film/filmblog/2015/mar/31/mad-max-fury-road-what-the-new-trailer-teaches-us;  Rodrigo Perez – http://blogs.indiewire.com/theplaylist/review-george-millers-mad-max-fury-road-starring-charlize-theron-tom-hardy-20150511)

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