Which Avenger is Your Favorite?


With ‘Avengers’Age of Ultron’ being released recently I thought I’d ask you all which Avenger is your favorite. Right now I’m just speaking in terms of the core Avengers from the first two movies. We are introduced to some new heroes in ‘Age of Ultron’  and will be seeing some candidates for the team of superheros in the future but I want to just focus on the original six in the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU). So who is it going to be? Iron Man? Captain America? Thor? The Hulk? Black Widow? Or maybe Hawkeye? My choice has been my favorite for a while so my choice was easy to come up with. But I’ll give up who that is when the voting is complete. So please get to voting and get your favorite one to have the most votes. The winner will be discussed on a future episode of the Prequel, Present, Sequel Podcast.



(Photo Credit: Todd Alcott – http://www.comicsbeat.com/everything-you-ever-wanted-to-know-about-the-avengers-movie/)

2 thoughts on “Which Avenger is Your Favorite?

Add yours

  1. I must say mine is Black Widow. I would love to see a movie of her origins with Hawkeye and how he recruited her and the background of their relationship. I’d rather have that instead of some new superhero movies that are being made (including the third Spiderman reboot in less that 15 years…)

    1. I’ve said that her, Hawkeye and Hulk don’t really need solo movies in my opinion even though I’m fans of all of them but a movie going over her origins would be interesting. The idea of it being with Hawkeye would be a good idea too. Maybe one day.

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