My 2014 Complete Movie List: #40 – #31

Here are the movies that came in at #40 – #31 on my complete movie list for 2014. I should call this the Keira Knightley section.

40. Transformers: Age of Extinction

I know everyone reading this probably feels like this movie should be at the bottom of everyones list but I disagree. The film contained great action scenes that reminded me why I enjoyed the other 3 so much. This one, however, contained a lot more corny dialogue. There were one or two moments were I actually found myself rolling my eyes. The plot has some weak moments, and the Dinobots weren’t used to their potential, actually they were used horribly. The reason for why they entered the movie AT THE VERY END was basically just to have something cool and new to add to the franchise, but the reason the movie gave was….yeah it was just the same thing. Even all those negatives, the movie still has plenty of tolerable humor and like I said before, the awesome action.

39. The Double

Jesse Eisenberg was outstanding playing both sides of the spectrum with his two very different characters. Watching him in this role upped my anticipation to see him has Lex Luthor in Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice. The rest of movie kept the artistic, dark vibe with the help of the noticeable score to help set the mood for much of the scenes. The ending, in my opinion, SPOILER KIND OF*** pointed to the fact that Simon’s (Eisenberg) double was actually just apart of his subconscious and was being projected out by him. Along with all the scenes they had with other people, I feel was all just playing out in his (crazy) head.

38. Horrible Bosses 2

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37. Laggies

Keira Knightley did a great job in 2014 in my opinion. She actually jumped into my list of favorite actresses thanks to this movie and another that will show up very soon on this list. But with this movie specifically, she was able to carry the movie as an adult who islaggies-sam-rockwell-keira-knightley basically afraid of growing up. She brought a good mix of humor and charm as well. Can’t move on without mentioning the great Sam Rockwell. The chemistry between him and Knightley felt kind of weird just because of the age gap between them but it was still watchable thanks to the solid performances they put forth.

36. The Interview

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35. St. Vincent

I wasn’t really expecting much from this movie, especially since I don’t have a strong love for Bill Murray like a lot of people in the world do. I think he’s cool I guess. But anyway, in this movie I can see why people do love him so much. His performance carried the film but his chemistry with Oliver (Jaeden Lieberher) was also very entertaining in its own right. The story is just another telling of how a grouchy old man really isn’t as grouchy and mean as you think but Murray’s performance as Vincent make a generic plot feel fresh (Naomi Watts brought a lot of humor to the film too after I got over her accent). Also, it was nice to see Melissa McCarthy play a normal person and not an over-the-top character after that type of character started to feel like it over stayed its welcome a little after that ‘Tammy’ disaster.

33. Begin Again

A nice, warm film that you think is about relationships ending but new unexpected ones blossoming all while dealing with some smooth, easy to listen to music. But that’s not really the case. Yeah the movie deals with relationships but by the end of the movie, you realize that the music takes the forefront. Music is what ends or rekindles the relationships in the movie. That little twist of things was a breath of fresh air. The movie was led by great performances from its cast including, Mr. Hulk himself, MarkKeira Knightley and Mark Ruffalo in "Begin Again" Ruffalo (I don’t know, I just felt like throwing that in there). The music in the movie made me actually want to go home and download some of the songs. I will also say that, though I am a fan of Adam Levine, I enjoyed Keira Knightley’s musical performance more than I did of the professional musicians. I’m just saying…

32. Godzilla

Started out slow but the build up wasn’t really for Godzilla it seemed since his character somehow seemed like a backdrop element of the movie instead of something in the forefront. I can see why they would do that but I personally wanted to see more of Godzilla because he was cool to look at and watch. Actually all the monsters and their scenes looked impressive and cool. I also wanted to see more fighting between Godzilla and the monsters (didn’t like the tease fights; would have been cool with one extended fight scene). I’m a fan of  Aaron Taylor-Johnson but his part didn’t seem that important but they sure tried to make it seem like it did. OK, all complaining aside, it’s great movie and this ‘Godzilla’ franchise is looking like it’s heading in the right direction.

31. Frank

This dark comedy was great thanks to Michael Fassbender’s performance as the mysterious and peculiar Frank. His performance was able to clearly show even through that big ol’ fake head he wore for the whole movie. He was funny, as was the rest of the cast, but when he needed to show some emotion, he was able to display that as well. Ultimately, the movie showed that you can be satisfied doing what you love for fun and not for the fame.


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