Prequel, Present, Sequel Podcast – ‘Transformers’ Meets ‘Fast and the Furious’ (Episode 6)

Here is a late episode of the Prequel, Present, Sequel Podcast. In this sixth episode, I finally have a special guest in The Great Musical to talk movies with. He also brought along a new song for you called ‘Action Movie’ to bump at unnecessary levels. Look out for his album to drop when the new year rolls around. On the movie side of things, we talk about Sony deciding not to release ‘The Interview’, do more Fantastic Four movie complaining, discuss how awesome a ‘Transformers’ and ‘Fast and the Furious’ crossover movie would be among other ignorant things. Of course don’t forget to expect more unpreparedness and saying names incorrectly. Also I want to say that this episode was recorded on December 22nd, so some topics we discuss have some recent updates that aren’t touched on so I apologize for the lateness; The holidays decided to get in the way. But don’t let that scare you. You should still listen and laugh with me or at me. Clink on the link below and then comment below with your thoughts, suggestions on how I can improve or anything you would like for me to talk about.

Music Hosting – Embed Audio Files – Prequel, Present, Sequel Pod…

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